Chapter 7~ Here we go again

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The Minotaur


Just kidding! It was The Avengers. They weren't wearing their superhero costumes. They were wearing wigs and makeup. I didn't know what to do so I walked past them to the direction the kid's mom was. I walked past them only for them to follow me. I wanted to test out if they were really following me or we just ended up in the same place at the same time so, ran in a circle and they fast walked behind me. Well, I guess they are following me. I was about to run when I remembered the kid. I walked over to his mom and pointed to the kid








I went around the park 5 times and they are still following me! I thought they would leave the 3rd time but I guess not! I was halfway through my 6 round when I had enough. I turned around and walked straight towards them. They just stood there like they expected me to run for my life... well except for Thor he was jumping up and down. His eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his skull.

I was about to take out riptide when I heard someone calling my name

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I was about to take out riptide when I heard someone calling my name.




"Are you sure we want to kill him?"

"Yes of course! He ate all the blue cookies,"

"But if he dies Sally won't make us blue cookies anymore,"

I was about to answer when I saw all of the seven fall out of a bush.


Hello. I know this is a really short chapter. I just want to get as much chapter out before I start school so you guys can read some while I am doing the...the... I can't say it! But I must... while I am doing HOMEWORK. *starts crying* I HOPE YOU ALL HAVE FUN WHILE I SUFFER.

Well goodbye friends :-((

*cries even more*

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