Without Harry

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Ginny's POV
"HARRY,HARRY,NO!" I yell, running over as Harry's dead body fell and caught it. "ACCIO DELPHINI!" I bellow, then I remember what Mcgonagall told us before we left:
Mcgonagall: if you're in danger, point your wand into the sky and yell "PERICULUM!" Understood?
All 7th years: YES MA'AM!
\~\~\~\~\~\~\ End of flashback ~\~\~\~\~\~\~\
I pointed my wand into the sky and yelled "PERICULUM!" In 5-6 seconds, Mcgonagall was there. "Yes, Ms. Weasley?" " H-H-H-Harry's dead. " I choked through my tears. "Very well Ms. Weasley. Accio Time-Turner." She muttered. A Time-Turner flew out of nowhere. " S***! " she swore very loudly. "What?" I asked. " the Time-Turner broke. " " permission to cuss ma'am? " "permission granted" "FUCK!" I shouted at the top of my voice.

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