Protecting Ginny Weasley

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Harry's POV
Ginny and I were talking to someone named Delphini Diggory. She said " one of you MUST kill yourself! ". Then she disapperated. Later that night, I walked into the backyard and saw Ginny with her wand pointed at her head. "Avada-" I heard her whisper. I pointed my wand at her "EXPELLIARMUS!" I bellowed, and Ginny's wand flew out of her hand. She spun around and looked at me. I said "This is to protect you." " HARRY,HARRY,NO!" Ginny shouted as I pointed my wand at my face. "Goodbye, Ginny. Tell the Hermione and the Weasleys that I killed myself to protect you." I said. " NO! " Ginny shouted. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" I shouted. I saw a flash of green light, then blacked out, dead.

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