rebirth of the femme

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drink the sun of this femme fatale
the divine snake skin of pharaoh queen
as she walks eloquently across the rosehip sand
lavender oil emits from her honeyed complexion

turning into magical auras of the Nile
that ceased to be dry
she was a faerie in the flesh
but her wings were not shown
for they were crafted by silk melodies from another realm
that was not her own
for she was the realm of her own creation

she graced the eminent land
as magic arose from her fingertips
such a beauteous sight to behold
as hymns of enchantment were spoken with the lushest aria

her elegance radiated as serene glitters embellished her with silk glossier devotion
she was an angel gracing the earth
from the mirage of a halcyon garden
with the gentle and calming sound of ravishing waters that were ever flowing
just as her love was

The divine embodiment of love of the pharaoh goddess who's angel wings couldn't be seen

AN// hai lovelies I'm back from my hiatus. Thank you for all the love and continuous support while I was gone, it really does mean a lot to me. I have plans of creating a new book, as this one is coming to an end. Have a great rest of your day <3<3

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