blue deities

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an ancient curse
bestowed upon an unsteady depiction of her own religion
causing tranquil hummingbirds to pirouette in her chest that grew from melancholic fallacy
as they rose above the velour 7:34 jade sunset

cactus flowers from the stars
created erosion in her weathered mind
that made her womb of consciousness
turn into a fetus of mortala
as she slept on Saturn for her own beauteous salvation

she began to paint with fairy glossier
rose saccharine syrup dripped from smooth and
unwavering brushstrokes
with gentle aesthete
and satin divinity subdued within the Mayan ruins

on her canvas made of papaya brains
that exudes wrongdoings and call them tradition
made from the lushest orchid field of haikus and fragrant porcelain

but her canvas showed remnants of a nearby vision that the deities could not decipher
their iris ribs turned into the knotted constellations

bleeding into their veins filled with envy
creating the cursed Ursa Major
which they prayed upon
counting each delicate bone that caused the death of the honeyed stars

fasting on human flesh
hoping to get a taste of the moon girl reborn
as she swallows the moon's subtle glossier
Sacrifice the chosen one
to the deranged healer

oh how could you paint your own destiny

AN/ this was about human sacrifices in the Mayan culture, and I added some elements of astronomy to it because a lot of their culture had to do extra terrestrial subjects.

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