a toi pour toujours

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Dear my blind king (but you could see the light of our love like jasmine oil on pastel Rococo sculptures)
I feel suffocated. Mellow aromas of royalty of the blades that wronged us, are now floating throughout our nectarine apricot halcyon castle. I've been put into an ellipsism self imposed isolation. ( I think I can hear Marie Antoinette talk about the next rebellion from a nearby cell)
The wretched tea they gave me in monstrous cell burns my insides like Venus being birthed from the elegance of the cursed sea foam that was bottle fed to her. Now as I lie here on the brink of death, I remember how we used to drink lemon balm tea in China's finest cashmere silk. With ivory pearls from the depths of the enchanted Atlantis sea, from which mermaid tears became their own twisted paradise, that adorned our glistening necks. We waltzed around the exquisite rose gold chandelier lit room until our feet gave out. So we fell onto the serpentine carpeted floor, as we watched the aurora borealis of our imagination collide into the purest art of the kisses we gave to one another, that imitated  the wings of butterflies fluttering gracefully upon crushed petals. But as the night becomes still, my honey quartz collarbones begin to shiver at your nectarine touch. The  feeling lingers like the last dandelion seed before it goes off to dance with the wind. "Je t'adore mon ange" The faint memory of your voice telling me how much you love me like, just how the sun loves the moon voice ceases for time to stop. Because our love is the only source of time in this garden of rendemency crafted from roses and vanilla. "Je t'aime de tout mon coeur" was the last words you spoke to me before we rebelled against the vile patriarchy. Oh how I wish I'd known your heart would instead be in the hands of the damned.

  Your deaf queen,  je t'adore mon amour

AN~ Thank you guys all so much for 2k reads it means a lot to me. I love you all so much. Spreads love and cherry blossom.

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