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 The publishing house was all that she excepted and more.The structure was huge and modern.The logo of ' Fallen leaf' a multicoloured fallen maple leaf ,in a 3D structure adorned the exteriors of the building.

She made her way up to the 2nd floor of building after checking in with the receptionist.

Miss Anna had worn a black pencil skirt and paired it up with a formal white shirt and black stilettos.She had a thin frame and from what it appeared from outside the glass door of her cabin she wore spectacles ,though her face was not clearly visible from there.Avni steadied herself, breathed in and out to calm herself down and then knocked on the door.

'' Come in '' came a high pitched prompt reply.

 Avni made pushed open the glass door and walked into the highly organized and sophisticated office.The simplicity of the white walls were enhanced by the modern paintings.She looked around the room taking in every little detail when a voice interrupted her travelling eyes.

'' Avni right??? Have a seat ''

 This time she could spot the face of the high pitched voice.Anna's face was lean like her body and her hairs were tied up in a bun.Avni wished she looked as professional as the person sitting infront of her but her choice of comfort over style always ended up in her putting on a pair of jeans and tops.

'' So Avni welcome to The Fallen Leaf publications.I'm Anna ; the marketing head of this publication house.So any work related stuff or any problems you face to report to me directly." she finally spoke keeping her laptop aside.

'' Thank you for the warm welcome Ma'am" Avni replied humbly.

'' You can call me Anna.''

'' Ok...Ma'a...Anna.'' Avni smiled.

'' So here's your first assignment.You must have read 'Beyond the seas' by Mr L R Sinha?? ''

'' Umm..hmm" Avni muttered in an indistinct voice.She didn't want to make a bad impression on her first day at work by answering in negative.

'' Here is the unedited copy of the third and most recent installment of his book series.I need you to read this before we get into talks with him.''

'' Okay.When.. '' she was left hanging there as Anna spoke again. 

'' Here are the first and second installments from the famous series in case you haven't read them.Get it done in 5 days, I think thats more than enough."she appeared to have read Avni's thoughts.

" Thank you Anna "

" You can go now.My Secretary will take you to your office.Good luck." 

Avni gave a heartfelt smile and walked out of the marketing head's office to her own office.She settled herself in her own cabin which was almost empty expect a painting on one wall and a huge book shelves on the back filled with hundreds of book ; it was like her dream room.She placed two photoframes on her table ; one of her family and another one of her Mom.Without wasting more time, she busied herself in her work.


 It was already late when she returned to her new resident.Meera helped her get her bags, suitcase and other stuff up to her room from her own room downstairs.Meera left to prepare dinner for the both of them, leaving Avni to unpack her things.

 As Avni opened the door to her new home, she found it well furnished and large.Everything was arranged systemically and symmetrically,  covered by white sheets to prevent dirt from settling on the furniture.

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