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      It had been 5 days since Avni had sprained her leg . One more day and she will be officially off the hook ; no more bandage,  no more pills & no more walking on one leg. Though she could no more feel the pain or the sprain, Neil wouldn't let her remove the bandage prior to the doctor's orders. Now she wasn't one to follow Neil's orders without any objection but with Neela and Meera on his side, there was little she could object to. In the past five days having Neil and Meera around had become a habit. To her utter surprise both of them acted in sync in the most unexpected ways and that resulted in one or the other always being around her. Same way she had become acquainted to the numerous calls from Neela and Shweta.

    Since it was a Sunday morning and there was nowhere she could go , so Neil had agreed to a movie marathon, on the condition that Avni lets him choose the movies. Though after much persuasion and blackmailing Avni had managed to slip in one of her all time favourite movies into the list too. Everything was ready ; the movies , the popcorn , the cold drinks ,snacks except the lady herself.

" Avni ,how much longer ?? We aren't actually going to the theatre ,just in case you forgot ." Neil shouted from the living room.

Just like an answer ready to be told , Avni hopped out of her room on one foot . Neil rushed towards her to help her get to the couch safely without toppling over.He supported her arm on his shoulders ,held her back in one hand as she hopped across the hall to the couch. Everytime Avni secretly  cursed her bandaged leg in her head ,she would hear 4 different voices echoing back ' no way you are getting it off before the doctor says so' unanimously.

   The white couch with pink cushions faced the flat screen TV that was mounted on the wide pillar that stood midway between the kitchen and the living space .Neil adjusted the settings on the remote while Avni made herself comfortable in her sitting position. Neil sat down on the other end of the couch as the opening credits of the movie started rolling. He noticed Avni trying to adjust her bandaged leg on the wooden teapoy infront of the couch.

" You can put them here " he said pointing to the empty portion of the couch in between them.

" I'm not that short !!" .In a way she envied his height at times ; sometimes she wished she was a tad bit taller just to look the part of Mr Hotshot lawyer's girlfriend.She had an ideal height yet his hovering height annoyed her.

"Why are you getting snappy ? I'll move to the recliner. Not a problem."

" Or I can put my feet on you and use you as a pillow for my feet. " She threw in a quick mocking smile with that .

" You are taking the fake role way too seriously !!"

" You are the one who volunteered to help me."

They gave each other the smug smile like they always did when an argument was about to begin.

" What's that sound? " Neil looked away to find the source of the sound.

" Shit !! That's my cellphone. I left it in the bedroom ."

" I'll get it ." Neil walked hastily to her room and came back with the phone. By the time Avni received the call ,it had already ended .

" Who was that ?" Neil asked casually.

" No idea . It's some unknown no. Ah whoever it is will call back if he needs. Let's watch the movie."
Neil nodded his head and unpaused the movie.He was about to fall back on the recliner when he heard the doorbell. Exchanging a ' who now ?' look with Avni he rushed towards the door and opened it.

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