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StrongestAvenger- I still don't understand these tiny devices

SummerSoldier- Same! This tech is a lot more advanced than what we had in the 40s

WinterSoldier- Thank god Hydra kept me updated on the tech. That's the one thing I'm thankful for

IrnTny- You guys have had years to get used to this!

SummerSoldier- Ten years isn't that long, Tony!

StrongestAvenger- We had nothing like this on Asgard! It's rather impressive

WidowWhisperer- You guys are so easily impressed, it's amusing

SummerSoldier- Back in my day we had nothing like this! We had corded phones, and a small radio! If we were lucky a small, boxy TV! This is incredible

WinterSoldier- Damn, you're really showing your age

SummerSoldier- You're older than me

WinterSoldier- Yeah but I act much younger than I am

HatefulFalcon- You act like a dickhead

WinterSoldier- Wow way to be subtle, asshole

HatefulFalcon- Subtlety has never really been my thing

WinterSoldier- Really? I never noticed

IrnTny- I can practically hear the eye roll

SummerSoldier- Trust me, I've never seen a bigger eye roll

IrnTny- Why doesn't it surprise me that you're together?

SummerSoldier- Well we are together?

IrnTny- Together together or together?

SummerSoldier- What's the difference?

WinterSoldier- Are we fucking or talking?

SummerSoldier- OH

IrnTny- I can hear the eye roll from Bucky and the surprise and shock from Steve

CawCawFuckers- Awwweeee Steve's innocent

WidowWhisperer- Cause we didn't know this before

WinterSoldier- but to answer your question we were making out. Not quite fucking

IrnTny- Do we know if Strange and Loki are fucking?

CawCawFuckers- why are they fucking if they've just broken up?

WidowWhisperer- They're horny bastards

IrnTny- Why'd they break up if they're still going to fuck?

WinterSoldier- Does anyone know why they broke up?

CawCawFuckers- who gives a shit?

IrnTny- They're your friends. You could at least pretend to care

CawCawFuckers- ew no

IrnTny- wow Clint so caring

CawCawFuckers- I know right

RealStrongestAvenger- we haven't heard from Steve and Bucky for a while

IrnTny- Everyone's fucking

IrnTny- Wait

IrnTny- If all the couple's (and exes) are fucking, shouldn't you and Thor be?

StrongestAvenger- who's to say we haven't already ;)

IrnTny left the chat

A.N- Okay so I'm really enjoying writing this and I hope you enjoy reading it!

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