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I went ballistic, to the point where I couldn't really remember what happened.

I know I started to cry, and that's when I just couldn't stop myself.

I punched anywhere that was open, I pulled her by the hood of her sweater, I kicked her ankles to make her fall, I did so much, maybe a little too much.

As I was on top of her, another someone picked me up from off of her and I started to fight whoever it was.

All I remember is that I had my popped chain in my hand and I was thrown in the passenger seat of a car.

Jahseh sat on the other side and just stared at me, trying to understand what I was saying.

I put the necklace on the dashboard and just stared at it then looking out the window to see her yelling and causing a scene, holding her head. Lisette was yelling at her and her friends too.

"I'm going to fucking kill her. Why would she even do that? I can't fucking stand this bitch. She's going poked by me! That's why she's mad fucking ugly-"

I felt his soft lips on mine.

Oh, how I missed this, but now is not the time.

"Don't fucking kiss me." I said, pushing him off of me. I had tears running down my face, and since they were salty and streaming pretty fast, the scratch on my face was burning like hell.

"Why didn't you tell me you and her used to date?" I asked looking down at my feet.

"I didn't think it was that serious-"

"She rubbed that shit all in my face, you know that, right? I want to break her face."

"I think you already-"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I yelled, staring at him, he looked taken back for a second.

"I'm tired of everyone always hurting me, fuck. People always think they can walk all over me. Did you think it was a smart idea to fucking go out with her?" I asked while staring at him.

His locs were down, his eyes were wide and alert, and he was wearing the same 'GOLF' hoodie that had the bleach stains on the hood. He wore matching black sweats and his black air-forces to match.


"Is she the type you want? You want the Spanish girls that are so pale they look white right? You want the supermodel look? The skinny tall girls you go for? You went to her, and you posted a video of yourself with her. You wanted me to see it. You wanted me to be angry and sad and in my feelings, didn't you?"

He didn't speak.

"Great choice, unlock the door."


"Unlock the door!" I said a bit louder, another tear coming down my face while I slammed the compartment in the middle.

I heard the click and jumped out, I looked at her and her friends, walking back over to them, but Xavier got back in my way.

I looked up at him and rolled my eyes, turning around and walking away.

As I walked passed Jahseh's car, he had the window rolled down, yelling for me to get back in.

I stuck my middle finger up while I turned the corner, walking away.

When I got down the block I realized I left Lisette, she has the car and my phone.

I groaned but kept walking to the house.

Sooner or later, she pulled up next to me and I hopped in the car.

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