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"He's running!" The Police officer exclaimed.

His legs started burning as he started to cover hundreds of feet, running from the officers who caught him trying to steal from the convenience store.

But, they've been trying to get him incarcerated forever.

As he turned the corner, he felt a warm, painful shock in his right ribs. He tried to keep running but his legs felt weak, too wobbly for him to keep going.

As he fell to the concrete, he moaned out a long "fuck" and gripped his side.

He was turned onto my stomach and his grip was released and arms strained behind of him, feeling the cold handcuffs tighten on his skin.

Seconds later he was up and walking to a cop car, his face stone cold, being able to see the aggravation painted in his eyes.

The anger boiled in him as the cuffs pained his wrists, remembering the feeling from a couple years back.

The Hispanic officer pushed his head into the cop car to lead him into the seat, slamming his door.

He leaned his head on the window, looking outside at the people who cared too much to be in the poor boy's business.

He started to howl out various profanities as he realized he violated his probation, once again, knowing that jail cell is going to be very --


Hours later he arrived at central bookings, where he is greeted by Jerry, a dark skin man who has seen him many times before.

"Missed me Onfroy?" Jerry said sarcastically.

He rolled his eyes as they took the handcuffs off him so he can get fingerprinted. The first thing he wanted to do was fuck up Jerry's face, but that would have to be on the bottom of his agenda.

He knew his mom was going to flip out when she found out about him getting arrested, again.

He rolled his eyes at the thought and was put in the holding cell. Jerry then walked up to the cell shaking his head as his dark brown eyes looked into Jahseh's chocolate ones.

"You know, robbing a convenience store is something a lot of people do, believe it or not. But putting a gun to his head isn't a good tactic either." Jerry scoffed.

"It was fake though." Jahseh murmured.

"You think that makes it better, you know this is strike three, right? You were arrested 4 days ago for grand theft auto." Jerry stated.

"Falsely accused" Jahseh shot back.

"What are they gonna do with you?" Jerry sadly said as he walked back to the front.

That was several months ago, maybe even a year. Jahseh lost track, but he somehow got his life "on track".

Or so he thought.

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