Memories are Forever {1}

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Hey everyone :) it's me again! Anyways, I promised that I would add another story so here it is! I had to re-write it about 6 times. LOL. It never satisfied me enough but now it's enough to add onto Wattpad so here it is!

Dare :)

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Memories are Forever!

Chapter 1

"Amberlyne Sky McKenzie! Get up now or you'll be late for your first day in a new school." My dad yelled. I hate mornings so much no matter what day of the week it is. Like my old school, I'm late once again because my brother didn't wake me up this morning so I will have to walk to school, which is less than an hour's walk. For my brother, it's another story; he's the picture perfect son that any father would be proud to have. Clifton's the one with the perfect grades, he's in almost every sport at our school, he's never late and on his spare time, he helps anyone he can no matter what they need help with. So you can only imagine how bad it looks considering I'm fourteen minutes older than he is. I love him to death but at times, he can be really annoying with his cheerful mood. It's the typical relationship between him and I; one minute we'd do anything for the other then the next we'd want to kill each other. Sometimes he doesn't even bother waking me up, like today, so as I'm rushing to brush my teeth and trying to pull on my bright green skinny jeans; I trip on my own feet. Thanks to my mom, I'm the world's clumsiest person in the world.

"Fuck!" I managed to keep my voice down low enough so my dad wouldn't come all the way downstairs to ground me. You will get to know my dad as a very strict person but, he does it to keep me and Cliff on 'the right track for your futures' he said one night I swore. I'm so thankful that I decided to move my room to the basement of the house I would be able to get a little more privacy. Now, there are two floors separating my dad and Cliff from me. I would always get in trouble for a couple reasons. For one, I play my music very loud; two, I swear a lot; and three, I like pinning things up on my wall even though I wasn't aloud in my other room. Oh, and have I mentioned that I can't have a boyfriend until I'm 'more responsible' my dad and Cliff said to me three years back. But it's fine that my brother, Cliff who's younger than I am by fourteen minutes, is SO much more responsible than I am but little does my father know that he's a player. Only his friends and I know that he's a player. It's still unfair. I know that I'm not the best in school like Clifton is but I shouldn't be held back from experiencing life with someone. No one I have ever met in my whole life, that I could remember, interested me enough to go out with them. All the guys that I have met have been either stuck-up, pampered boys, nerds that creep me out, or the guys at my other schools never noticed me. So I don't bother with finding someone to keep me company.

When I made it to school, I realized that I would be able to make it to my first class before the bell rings. As I walked into the class, the bell rings signalling that the class will begin, so I walked up to the teacher's desk and he just glanced at me and pointed to the seat in front of him. 'This is going SO well on my first day.' I thought to myself sarcastically. I would have gladly skipped today but I knew that my dad would have a cow!

"Amberlyne Sky McKenzie." Said the teacher, and I raised my hand to let him know that I was indeed in class and not at a park skipping the school day. In the background, I heard people starting to whisper. I looked around to see that everyone was whispering about me except for one guy who was sitting in the middle of the room. When someone behind me tapped on my shoulder, I turned to see a girl with orange-red hair, and a very noticeable fake tan looking at me with green eyes with random grey spots.

I looked at her like I said: What the fuck do you want? But she ignored my questioning glance and while she pasted a fake smile on her lips she said: "He's way-y-y out of your league sweetie!" and just laughed at me. 'What the hell was her problem?' I thought to myself but shrugged it off while turning around to face the teacher who had an impatient look on his face but not before locking gazes with the guy in the middle of the class room. I knew it was meant to be for me but he also directed it to the girl behind me.