Short Scary Stories

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"Scarce Vill"

Me and my dad had just moved into this city called booker town it was a quiet little town. No one bothered anyone for anything. We each had are own big piece of land. Strangers would walk by you and not even say a word. No one would say hi or bye they would just walk silently.

"Dad I don't want to live here! Everyone here acts like zombie freaks who don't say a word! Can we just move back to our old house pleasee!"

"No jessepi Fulana Richardson!" He yelled pointing his finger at me.

"Fine, but can I just go for a walk outside to clear my head?" I asked with my head down.

"Sure sweetie, and you'll see how this is for your own good" he said patting me on the back.

I walk outside and saw the great big woods ahead of me. Should I go? I asked myself, it is kinda getting a little late what if I can't find my way back? Oh well at least I got my phone here with me so I guess I'll be ok.

I walk slowing into the woods, it was quiet I heard no sound of birds, no chirps, there was nothing but the trees swaying back and forth.

As I walked deeper into the woods I got more and more lost. I started panicking and ran and ran, till I realized I was lost. I checked my phone it read "no service" I had no reception.

I saw this light coming from in back of some big bushes. I moved the bushes aside to see it was coming from an old abandoned carnival.

Everything looked dirty and there was rotten food, broken rides that were tilted sideways, there were broken cups, and there were these creepy clowns statues and there was a lot of creepy statues everywhere, there was even a fairest wheel and it was on the ground.

I went toward the big thing and wonder how could all of this happened. I never heard of it on the news and it was like it never happened but it did and that was all I could see right in front of me.

It was terrible It looked like a horrendous tragedy. I heard a creak coming form above me, I looked d up to see a tilted sign it read "Scarce vill" this must have been some Halloween Carnival or something.

I heard A Big Bang coming from this sort of hunted house. It read "Bloody Massacre" it looked like it had blood all over the entrance.

"Should I go in?" I asked myself.

To Be Continued....

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