A motherly visit

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"What is in your hair?" Titus demanded, horrified by the prospect of whatever the gooey substance coating Cyra's unruly blonde curls could be.
"Trust me bro, you don't wanna know."
"Cyra Dana Phillip." Came the exasperated response.
"Oh come on, you know I hate my middle name."
Titus raised one of his bushy eyebrows in a demanding manner and Cyra gave in, knowing her brother had already figured out what the substance was.
"Let's just say that my hair may be a bit more strawberry blonde for the next few weeks."
"Is that blood?"
"Possibly." She admitted, sheepishly.
"Come ON Cyra. I specifically said to take care of yourself today. Mom is coming to visit in 15 minutes. Could you not take care of yourself for 3 hours while I cleaned the house?"
"It is my expert opinion that drinking 3 pots of coffee and then getting into a knife fight with a sub-god is self care."
"I hate you." Titus said, his voice dripping with exasperated disappointment. "Go hop in the shower, quickly."
"Yeah yeah, you love me." Cyra chirped while bouncing off towards their shared bathroom.
"And for the record Axil does not count as a sub-god! He's not even a really super villain, it's just a fancy magic trick." Titus shouted indignantly after her as the shower switched on.
"You're just jealouuuss because you've never been able to take him down and I have." She teased back.
"You didn't take him on today. I saw the news."
"I came home with my hair soaked in his blood, I'm pretty sure I get at least partial credit here."
"Touché." Titus muttered underhis breath.
"Heard that!" She called as the shower steam poured out the bathroom door.
"Shut up and wash your hair. You have 2 minutes till mom arrives."
With a small shriek, the shower switched off and Cyra came streaking out of the bathroom, half dressed, with her newly dyed hair whipping wildly behind her.
"Okay. Ready for mom. Is the table set?" She asked, out of breath.
"Cyra." Titus groaner, pinching his brow.
"Yeah? What?"
"Where are your pants?"
Sure enough, when Cyra looked down, her pants were missing. Quickly, she dashed into her room, threw on some slacks and rushed back out.
"Your hair is still red, and its wet. Mom will not be pleased."
At breakneck speed, Cyra shook her hair dry.
"Cyra!" Titus yelled.
"What?" She asked in mock-innocence.
"We've talked about this. No powers in the house." Titus hissed. Scolding her for using her speed.
"Yeah yeah thanks mom." Cyra mocked.
"Thanks for what dear?" Came a third voice from the door.
Their mother had arrived.
"Oh nothing mom," Cyra smiled sweetly, "good to see you."
"You to Cyra dear, and you too Titus."
Titus smiled and nodded in acknowledgment.
"Oh Titus honey, what did you let your poor sister do to her beautiful golden curls."
Titus rolled his eyes as Cyra wiggles her tongue at him.
Just another day in the Phillip's household.

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