Chapter 14: A Certain Surprise I've been looking forward to writing.

Niall's POV

Zayn's phone rang and as he slowly read it, his eyes lit up. I wished I could enjoy being happy. I knew Simon wouldn't ever allow us to be together.

The interview went on, with the pretty girl whose name I didn't remember asking questions about how we were enjoying our time in Clarksville and if we were excited for our new songs. Finally just before the interview ended she asked for fan questions. The first few were the usual, if any of the bromances were real at which time, Larry Stylinson revealed they were together by sharing a passionate kiss. I smiled, happy for them. The last question was an odd one. If we were girls who would we date in the band. Louis and Harry obviously said each other and I felt an arm circle around my waist. Liam said me of course For the Niam and just before I could say Liam, Zayn jumped up.

"If you'll allow it I'd like to go next." The pretty girl who's name I had finally remembered to be J.J nodded. He turned to Liam." If you'll excuse me Liam please remove your arm from my boyfriend. I'd like to kiss him as I haven't since about yesterday. " Zayn said, pulling me up and hugging me. "I missed you so much Snowflake. I promise I'll never leave you again."The audience was cheering and I saw Zayn smile before he kissed me. The room spun and before I passed out Zayn pulled away. " I'm sorry. I realize I broke up with you yesterday but I still love you. I want you to be mine again if you'll have me please." He whispered.

I was shocked. "Of course Zaynie. I missed you too. We belong together. Now kiss me you fool. "

I pressed my lips to his, pulling him as close to me as I could get. I never wanted to let him go. I parted my lips and his tongue joined mine in fiery dance. Zayn put his his hands on my hips and just before we we a step further then we'd ever gone before Liam pulled us away.

"You lads can do that later. Sit down and for heavens sake Niall fix that problem of yours!" Liam said shoving me down and Zayn on top of me.

"Well Schiz. I want to make it official again and since you did it last time... Anyway, Zayn Jawaad Malik will you be my boyfriend?" I said."

He nodded. "Definitley. And Liam's right by the way, you do have a problem. You know we were apart way longer in I'll protect you but I couldn't handle it."

"Zayn how long have you and Niall been together?" J.J asked.

"Four days. The best four days of my life."Zayn said cuddling into my chest.

"That's so sweet. I think we better let these two boys get home so let's have a round of applause for One Direction!" The audience cheered and we waved, Zayn's hand swinging in my own.

"You know, my head feels MUCH better." I said, licking my lips and sending an arm around his waist. Now that i had him, I was never letting go.

" Ni, Are trying to kill me? Any way I already had ideas for when we got home. C'mon Snowflake." He said picking me up and carrying me to the car. I was safe with my Bradford Badboy

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