Chapter LXXX IX

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The night happened without any midnight frights as Edna and I slept together in my chambers as to keep the monsters away

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The night happened without any midnight frights as Edna and I slept together in my chambers as to keep the monsters away. The second day was of the hunt we were early to rise for it, the weather was perfectly set, the warmth lingered on from the night before and when we arrived on horseback I took to studying the men with their guns and aims, I knew it was not too popular for women to learn to hunt yet I wished it so but I knew one had to be cautious and be equipped with a good teacher for the dangers that came along with it.

"Lady Alice I see you there, watching us."

"Forgive me milord I am merely fascinated by the good aim you all have," I chuckled at Joseph who missed his shot.

"That was on purpose now come along and I will teach you how to be a lousy shot like me."

"I accept it most graciously," I got up from where we sat and Joseph put the loaded gun in my hand.

Mr. Henry was entertained with his sister Lady Lilly and Cynthia was sitting by their side sipping tea with a bored look on her face and soon she spat out the tea which one of the maids had served her.

"Here, this is how you hold the gun," Joseph tried to get my concentration as I missed my first.

"Did this gun just kick me!" I laughed feeling the intense shot of the gun while Cynthia got up in a tantrum to make her another tea.

"Too indelicate for you milady?" Joseph asked and I smiled asking him another question.

"Could I have another go at it?"

"Yes of course I am being called over there for the bigger hunt so I will just have to ask um..." Joseph looked around and chose another teacher for me.

"Father could you teach Lady Alice how to shoot? She is not a lost cause I assure you."

Joseph joked but Mr. Howard looked so serious I was sure the only word which could come out of his mouth for me would be no.

"Uh yes," he nodded and came my way with his gun.

"I will see you both after then and pray for your poor friend's triumph milady," Joseph's easy humor left us with most of the men to ambush some other prey.

"Good luck," I waved goodbye though I was not sure why Mr. Howard would stay, he would have been the lead on this hunting day.

"Here hold this," Mr. Howard's always tense posture cut the lighthearted easiness I had been in with Joseph as he offered the gun and Lady Walker went over to talk to her daughter.

"Like this," I held it like Joseph had taught me.

"No here, do not be afraid to really clutch it because when it pushes back you will not lose your aim." He demonstrated the posture and this time when he told me to not be afraid it was the first time the words worked like a magic formula.

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