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"I've had enough!" The man threw down a blue duffle bag infront of Jin's feet on the doorstep of his home.

Jin stared at the man with a sad look as Namjoon walked over from inside the house to see what the commotion was all about. "What the hell is going on-"

"Th-that BRAT is a monster!" The guy yelled as he removed his black shades to reveal a black eye, Jin cringing at the sight of it while Namjoon let out a low whistle with an eyebrow raised.

"Damn son." Namjoon mumbled, trying not to grin. How many caregivers has this boy harmed in the making? Pretty sure this was the 10th one.

"You can have him back! I'm not caring for him any longer!" The guy stormed off back to his car. The back door of the car opened up and out climbed the pale boy with a scrunched up face as his mint coloured bangs blew into his eyes.

His fluffy bowl cut hair was dyed mint. His outfit consisted of a yellow and black striped shirt with long sleeves, dark blue denim overalls, white ankle socks with little rubber ducks on them and white converse shoes. He was holding onto his giraffe stuffie as the man approached him.

"Go home you little shit." He growled, only to get a swift kick in the groin from Yoongi who started smiling widely as the man slowly fell over in pain with his hands between his legs.

Jin threw his hands over his mouth as he gasped loudly. Namjoon only raising his eyebrows in suprise. Yoongi always showed no mercy everytime.

"Pweasant." Yoongi grinned proudly before stepping over the guy and humming softly as he walked up the pathway to his main guardian caregivers.

Jin hurried past Yoongi on his way to the guy and kept apologising over and over again as the guy just got into his car and drove off without a word.

"Namjoo!" Yoongi cried happily as he ran up to Namjoon and hugged his side happily. Namjoon looked down and petted the boy's head with a slight grin.

"Damn boy. How many is this now, ten?" He raised his eyebrow down at the boy.

"Umm~" Yoongi looked at his fingers as he counted, his eyebrows furrowing in thought. "Twuh-Twelf!" He giggled, Namjoon rolled his eyes.

"Aish, you're never going to find someone suitable if you keep scaring them away like this." Namjoon watched the boy skip inside before following him inside, Jin following shortly behind carrying the duffle bag.

"I no cares!" Yoongi looked around the open space with a smile. "Where Kookie?"

"Kookie is taking a nap upstairs." Jin smiled as he closed the front door before carrying the bag upstairs to Yoongi's room. Yoongi puffed his cheeks in disappointment before dragging his giraffe on the floor to the kitchen.

Namjoon sighed as he walked over to his desk on the other side of the room and pulled out a black leather notebook from inside the locked draw compartment. He laid it down and flicked through some pages while taking out a red marker before he got to the page that he needed.

"And this makes~" he crossed off the picture with the marker. "Number... 12." He sighed as he closed the notebook and took it with him to the kitchen.

Yoongi was the most troublesome little countless caregivers have faced. He used to be such a good boy, but it was as if after the first caregiver sent Yoongi back home the boy just... broke.

He became unruly. A misfit. Rude. He became a rule breaker. Such a bad little boy. To caregivers he was the 'devil in overalls'.

But to his guardians?

"Namjoo! I need milk!" Yoongi cried out through a mouth of stuffed cookies as he sat at the table with the jar open. Namjoon rolled his eyes and went into the fridge and pulled out a box of chocolate milk before placing it down infront of the boy.

"Here you go little prince." Namjoon ruffled his hair with a smile as Yoongi looked up at him with sparkles in his eyes from being called that.

To his guardians, Yoongi was a Prince. A Prince in need of care, love and learning good again. They were just afraid to say no to Yoongi most of the time because of his temper and tantrums he throws.

Someone needed to break Yoongi's habit of being a brat. Yoongi was once sweet, so it could be possible he can become loving once again.


"I'm out of options." Jin sighed tiredly as he laid on the large couch, groaning softly as he stretched out and rested his head on Namjoon's lap.

Jin had to avoid upsetting Yoongi as it was time for him to change and go to sleep. So he was forced to read five stories, sing three songs, two lullabies and four glasses of warm milk later Yoongi was out like a candle.

Namjoon rubbed a hand on Jin's hair softly as he fixed his glasses while staring down at the notebook in his lap. "Don't worry I'll sort this out." He yawned as he scribbled in his notebook with a pen. "I'll take care of finding someone. You've already got your hands full with partly taking care of Jungkook. Let me take some responsibility of your hands." He smiled softly down at Jin who just looked up at him with a loving expression.

Jin nodded and closed his eyes as he felt his fiance's hand caress his cheek, soothing him to sleep.

Namjoon's eyes scanned the printed papers of new carer profiles that were interested in caring for littles. There were some who interested him, and then those who didn't. He had to keep in mind he needed someone who could handle Yoongi's behaviour.

As he was about to give up and throw away the papers, a caregiver's profile caught his eyes.

'Park Jimin, 21.'

Namjoon scanned the profile, nodding  at how well the person presented themself before he raised his eyebrow at what was written.

'Can handle any situation or problem well.'

"Park Jimin, huh?" Namjoon mumbled before slightly nodding, marking a giant red circle around the profile before smirking as he wrote down the number to call.

"Please be the one we're looking for."

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