~ Chapter 3 ~

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Jasmine's pov:

The next morning, I woke up and did my usual routine. But today I decided I wanted a change. I wanted to dress real nice for Joshua. I decided to put away all my insecurities for today and focus on my task at hand.

I put on my white lace underwear and bra. I picked out a pair of black jeans and paired it with an olive green crop top. I slipped on my black Nike Air Max to finish the outfit off. With this outfit all my features stood out. I decided to put on a little makeup today. I put on some eyeliner and mascara. I then put on some clear lip gloss. I took the twists out of my hair and combed it out. I decided tie my curls half up, half down, leaving a few framing my face. I put on a simple chain and paired it with matching earrings.

 I put on a simple chain and paired it with matching earrings

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I looked at myself in the mirror. I guess I did look okay. I hope Joshua will like it. You could clearly see how big my bum was in these pants and the size of my boobs definitely stuck out. I sighed and grabbed everything that I would need.

I wasn't hungry so I just walked out and drove straight to school. I parked and got out, taking everything I need with me. On my way inside the building I could hear a few cat calls. I just ignored them and walked inside.

In the hallways it was even worse.

"Hey, look at that ass."

"I wanna tap that."

"Damn, that ass."

I rolled my eyes and carried on walking. When I got to my locker I saw Joshua waiting there for me. When he saw me he smiled but soon his smile dropped and he frowned. "Hey Joshua." I said. He clenched his jaw and pulled me to him with his arms around my waist. I rested my palms against his chest and looked up at him. "Princess, what are you wearing?" He asked. I was honestly shocked.

"I'm wearing clothes. What do you mean? What's wrong?" I asked. "What's wrong? What's wrong is that you're showing too much skin." He said, or basically growled out. I dropped my head. I knew I shouldn't have done this. I knew he wouldn't like it. He must think I'm fat and ugly now. I could feel tears stinging my eyes. "I-I j-just wanted to l-look nice. I-I'm s-sorry." I stuttered, trying my best to pull away from him.

I heard Joshua sigh before I felt him place his hand in mine, leading me out of the hallway. A stray tear ran down my cheek, but I quickly brushed it away.

Joshua was leading us outside but I didn't know why. He took us to one of the benches and sat down, pulling me down beside him. He sat facing me and pulled my hands into his lap.

"Look at me baby." He whispered. I slowly turned to look at him. "It's not that I don't like it. Cause trust me, I like it. Fuck baby, I love it. You look gorgeous. It's just that..." He paused, running a hand through his hair. "I don't want people seeing what's mine. I don't want anyone to see how sexy and beautiful you are. I don't want them to take you from me." He finished.

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