A Murder Of Crows {13}

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                I got up and shoved my notebook in my bag. Students were gathering their stuff, talking eagerly, excited to have lunch and get a break from lectures.

                I saw Mia leaving the room, not bothering to wait up for me. That was fine. Dealing with Mia exhausted me.

                I saw Jamison out of the corner of my eye, talking with two other students as they headed for the door. He looked back at me, but a girl caught his attention with whatever she was saying, and he politely returned his attention to her.

                Slinging my bag over my shoulder, I left the classroom. I had my last day of detention today and then I was free again. Kieran would probably be stuck in ISS for a while if he couldn't get his temper under control and at least pretend he could manage good behavior.

                The worst part about Kieran's ISS punishment was that they let him out for lunch. That meant I had to deal with him in the dining hall, and I'd honestly rather have him punch me in the face for an hour straight than deal with his angst while I was trying to eat.

                I looked up and spotted Val and Cole standing near the door, probably waiting for me. I quickly hid myself behind a group of students. God, I didn't want to deal with Val right now.

                It took a few minutes, but Val finally tugged Cole's arm to get him to follow her out of the door, giving up on me. Relieved, I stepped away from the group and slowly made my way towards the door.

                After checking to make sure Val wasn't waiting for me outside, I slipped out the door and started for the dining hall. The path there was mostly empty now, kid no doubt already swarming the dining hall to fight over the best food.

                But I slowed as I neared the dining hall, because I saw Kieran just rounding the side of the building. The smart thing to do would be to pretend I hadn't seen anything and just go inside.

                Unfortunately, I was growing into quite the nosy person lately. So, naturally, I crept around the side of the building, slowly making my way along until I heard Kieran's voice.

                "-make this fast. I might get expelled for hitting you, but it would be worth it," Kieran said.

                "You'll be expelled if you hit anyone, especially Cor." Jamison's voice. "Pity will only excuse your punishment so much."

                "Speaking of pity, you seem to have taken a liking to Cor pretty fast," Kieran said.

                "Jpeg, as I've heard you like to call him. Another lame nickname of yours?" Jamison said.

                "The one I gave you was pretty accurate," Kieran said, his voice cold.

                "Is it? Either way, I'll be watching you. One wrong move, you're out of here," Jamison said. "I had hoped you'd learn to control your temper as you got older, but I see it's only gotten worse."

                "You'd love it if I got expelled," Kieran said, a bitter laugh chasing his words. "Not happening, president. I'll haunt you here until graduation. I'll always be here as that reminder that you're not the sweet, charming president everyone thinks you are."

                "I do what I have to do." Any hint of warmth was gone from Jamison's voice. It was that dangerous tone he'd used with Nia, now. "We all do what we have to do to succeed. We were both in a tight spot."

                "A tight spot?" Kieran sounded incredulous, and so, so angry. "A tight fucking spot? Your parents had the money for your tight spot, you fucking leech. You like to make yourself sound like some noble hero, but all you did was leave me broke when my mom desperately needed money."

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