A Murder Of Crows {10}

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                I stared down at Kieran's mask. It was so simple, but something about that simplicity was menacing.

                It was the weekend, and instead of relaxing, I was stressing out over this shit. Kieran had left after classes ended on Friday, leaving Mia with his phone and me with his mask and clothes. The Doctor hadn't called for a Friday job, but Saturdays could be hit or miss when it came to the Doctor.

                There was a knock on my door and I set the mask back in its hiding spot. I almost hoped that this was Val or Jamison here to bother me, and not Mia announcing that we had a job.

                "Hey, Cor," Jamison said as I opened the door.

                Hell yes, but also god fucking dammit.

                "What do you want?" I asked.

                "Your company, I guess. I have to run by the Nest, and then I'm heading to the café for lunch. Want to come?" he offered.

                A chance to peek inside the Nest? "If you'll buy my food, I'll give you my company."

                "This sounds oddly like a form of prostitution, but I'll take the bait. Let's go," he said.

                I followed Jamison out, locking my door. He was surely just trying to keep an eye on me to see if anything happened this weekend. If there was an attack and I was with him, and Kieran was off campus with his mother to confirm he was home at the time, that would up our innocence. It wouldn't fully clear us, I'm sure, but it would be helpful. Maybe I could convince Mia and Val to handle anything that came up on their own.

                We left the dorm and started down the path. There was a building on the other side of campus that housed campus events, like movies and club meetings, a school store, several offices including the Nest, and a café.

                "Not hanging out with your friends this weekend?" Jamison said.

                "Kieran's home for the weekend, Mia hates me, and I can't stand Val," I said.

                "Well, I feel honored that you'll hang out with me," he said.

                "You're buying me food," I said.

                "Fair enough," he said.

                We fell into silence as we walked. I snuck glances at him, taking in his outfit. I always found it interesting to see what people wore on the weekends, free from their uniforms.

                Jamison dressed simply, just nice jeans and a red plaid shirt buttoned up over a white T-shirt. My weekend outfit was similar to my school outfit; just a thin black hoodie over white shorts.

                "How do you usually spend the weekends?" Jamison asked.

                I shrugged. "I get my work done, and then I do whatever I feel like."

                "The joys of Crowe Academy. Mounds of homework on the weekends," Jamison said with a sigh. "I have that on top of work for the Crows."

                "Did you want my sympathy? You willingly joined the Crows, and we're in the same rotation so we have the same amount of homework," I said.

                Jamison gave me a smile, but there was something sad and regretful about it. "I see why Kieran keeps you around. You're stubborn."

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