Aka Manto (Red Cape)

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Aka Manto, is a spirit that hunts public school bathrooms. (So I bet you wanna go to a private school.) He'll ask if you would like a red or blue paper. In other versions, He'll ask if you want a red or blue cape. He's a beautiful man in life and wears a mask to hide his face. If your sitting on a toilet (Usally the last stall.) A voice will ask you if you want red or blue paper. If you like Red paper, you will be sliced until your clothes turn red. And blue, You will be stranggled until your face turns blue. If you ask for another color of paper, he will drag you into the  Netherworld ( You don't wanna go there.) The only way for him to leave you alone is " no paper". Some say he's related to Aoi Manto (Blue cape)  A voice will ask you if you want a  red cape or blue cap. If you say red, the skin on your back is scrabbed off to  represent a red cape. (Yuck.) If you say blue all the blood is drained from your body. (My favorite color is no longer blue.)

One popular version of the story changes the choice from red paper to a red vest:

A police man and woman were called to a school after a student reported hearing a male voice in the girl's bathroom. The police woman went to the bathroom while her male partner waited outside. When inside the stall a voice asked “Shall we put on the red vest?” The police man outside, who was listening at the door, heard his partner answer “Yes”. A sudden scream and loud thud followed. When the policeman opened the bathroom door, he found the police woman decapitated. Her blood had soaked into her vest, turning it red.

Another version of the story says that if you ask for yellow cloak, you have your head forced into the toilet you've just used.

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