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If you haven't read the first Gokusen book i maked and don't know how this works, let me tell you.

I will make scenarios, or just small stories (only write those when i'm bored). I try my best to upload every week but i'm currently focusing on my other books, too. You can request/ask scenarios or character X reader just by commenting it or private message me to let me know. I don't write smut that much because it makes me feel uncomfortable. I try my best to write good English (I'm from Belguim), and to try writing in a way people won't get bored. I don't make the characters speak that much because that would make them OOC (Out Of Character). For some reason Wattpad won't let me add videos or pictures to my chapters.

Please check out my other books. So far the books most people like that i wrote are Diabolik Lovers X reader, Avengers x child scenarios, and Hanazakari No Kimtachi x reader.

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