Chapter 2

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* I laughed before turning to a quiet Autumn.

"You ok, you seem a little quiet" she looked up at me with a smile but replied through mind link.

'Im fine just not use to having a great friend like you' *

Kacys P.O.V

Wow hearing those words made me gleefully smile like cheshire cat. I had never really made friends when I lived with my parents, I was shy and a loner back then but look at me now. My brother helped boost my confidence over the holidays and basically acted like how I wished our parents would of. As the thought of our parents and my past washed over my train of thought, I felt a hand wipe over a tear that I had shed. I looked up to see my brother looking at me concerned but then knew what I had been thinking about. He gave me a mournful nod as I turned to autumn and hugged her.

"What's wrong" her voice sound delicate with worry.

"Thank you" I mumbled

"For what" she rose her eyebrow before pulling out and looking me in the eye.

"For being my friend" she grinned at my words making me chuckle. I looked around the table to see the guys with confused faces. I laughed at them as a sign I was ok.


The bell rang, we said our goodbyes and me and autumn set of to English. Classes flew by and before I knew it I was heading off to P.E with my arms Linked in autumns. We walked into class and read the board to see what we were doing today. 'Dodgeball' My smile immediately widened knowing I was a pro at dodgeball. We were split up into groups and started playing, luckily I was with Autumn. With the blink of an eye over half my team mates were out and I knew it was up to me. I dodged all the attacking balls forcing there way to me. I picked up 3 balls and threw them hitting all my targets In the face. Soon enough it was only me and Gracie (the packs slut) I went easy on her. She threw at me with all she had while I just smirked while dodging them. Realising I had all the balls to my side, I picked up a ball and threw it straight at Gracie. It hit her with an 'Omph' straight in the face. I looked around, everyone was shocked, none the less because I had just taken out a whole team. I smiled triumphantly and walked off to the changing rooms just as the bell rang. I heard foot steps behind me and turned to see a very impressed Autumn.

"Girl you have some serious skill" I laughed at that comment

"What can I say... I'm a pro at dodgeball. Don't try me cause you know I'll just win" at that moment we both laughed and walked outside. I stopped and sniffed the air, the scent of pine and musk hit my nose driving my wolf into a frenzy. As I looked around the parking lot my eyes meet with a pair of emerald green eyes. I starred at him as my wolf screamed 'Mate!Mate!Mate!' He was tall around 6'2 with chocolate brown hair, he was muscular and he looked just so... Perfect.

Slowly he walked over to us still starring into my eyes.

"Autumn who's this" his voice was husky and hot.

"Sky this is Kacy Scarlet, Kacy this is my brother sky" her voice was confident as the words came out

"Ok well I Sky Riverson Alpha of GreenLake Reject you Kacy Scarlet as my mate"

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