Diagon ally or A&E?

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Oh btw Harry and Draco are still only in their 6th year ( If you don't no what I'm talking about please read the description ty ) and they have kids ( well kind of together but if you read the- never mind ) already. Anywayyyyyyy on with the story.

"James  scorpius wake up". Draco said to them both "we need to get all of yours and our stuff for hogwarts". Scorpius was strait up and about to go down stairs when he thought ' why not just throw a pillow at James ' so with out hesitation he got a pillow and threw it at him. "Ahhrr what was that for?" Still half asleep he grunted at scorpius. " you need to get up we are going out and-"  " yeah yeah I know go down stairs I'll be there in a second" he kind of shouted ,scorpius complied.

About 15 minuets after James  said he would be down in a second he finally arrived at the table still half asleep. " yeah okay ' I'll be there in a second ' definitely worked out for you didn't it". "FIRST OF MIND YOUR OWN—" James  was about to say more but realised his dad ( Draco) was staring at him, soooo he stopped. Scorpius just starred at him in disbelief then started scoffing down his food. "James  want anything?"Draco asked him " no I'm fine" Draco was taking some pills at this moment James didn't think he was listening And... he was right."okay so eggs and- wait what why don't you want anything we got a big day ahead of us"? "Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that I'm meeting rose and Hugo ( Hermione and Ron's children ) for lunch , is that alright"? " erm...let me go and wake up your dad and ask him". " but you are my dad you and him are together right? so for me you are my dad". "Oh yes sorry still trying to get the hang of that". Draco said embarrassed
"It's fine , so can I go?" "Whatever" his voice had change a bit "Can I come James?"scorpius said pleadingly "well obviously there your friends to".
Draco went to get Harry . "DAD WAIT" scorpius shouted ,James nearly fell of his chair. He popped his head around the door " what do you want?" " just asking but why does dad get to sleep in and we have to get up early?". " well because me and your dad were up late having-" Draco went a violent red. " okay coming", and with this fake announcement he ran upstairs. James and scorpius gave looks to each other both smirking.

"Ready to go to diagon ally guys"? Harry said "yup" "sure am" Draco was still red in the face and wasn't talking much. " baby what's wrong"? Harry questioned " erm could I have a quick w-word with you"? Draco said his voice cracking a little "yeah sure" they both walked back to the house all eyes on them. 🕐 🕓 🕖. Finally scorpius had had enough and before James could stop him he ran over into the house James quickly following. "SCORPIUS ST—OP S-S-SCORPIUS SERIOUSLY JUST GET OVER HERE NOW"! James was shouting because there dads can get very angry it was scary and they don't take shit that well . " scorpius please just stop I'm begging you" but he wouldn't they both ran in the house James behind scorpius. Scorpius stopped dead in his tracks outside of the kitchen James did the same and without warning Draco was on the table with his shirt of and Harry had his pants of and his shirt unbuttoned. "OH MY GOSH"scorpius shouted. Draco and harry gave him a horrible look draco gently pushed Harry off his chest and started to walk toward him ,scorpius looked at James and whispered in his ear " I'm so sorry James" "what for"He replied "my dads going to give me the belt"
"And you might get it of your dad too!, and I should of just listened to you I'm so so sor-" but before he could Finnish Draco came out looking as mad as ever he had a belt in his hand. Without thinking James stood In front of him ,eyes shut tight. " DRACO NO" Harry screamed "thanks dad it wasn't even our fault we-" " so let me do it" Harry said James's eyes widened. " Scorpius run upstairs into my bedroom I'll come up any second" and with this he did he belted up stairs his dad behind him trying to grab him .When they were upstairs James ran too he ran and ran ,up into his bed room draco was on the floor and scorpius was in a corner crying. " it's okay remember it's the medicine they both take in the mornings" "oh yeah , but the still doesn't change the fact that he's going to hurt us!" "Trust me it will I didn't just ask you to run to my bedroom for no reason" James said bravely "what do you mean?" And with they's last couple of words Harry stormed in.

" I love you" and with this James jumped out the window ( yeah sudden I know 😉) "NOOOOOOOO" it was like harry was snapped out of a trance he ran up to the window to find his baby his son, his love, lying there still on the ground.

All 3 of them ran down to see him lying there his leg the wrong way his ribs looked cracked his lip had popped causing him to have a flow of blood all over his face and chest. "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT BOTH OF YOU IF YOU MAYBE THINK BEFORE YOU FUCKING TOOK THE GOD DAM PILLS MAYBE WE WOULDN'T BE HERE". Draco started  to walk over to scorpius "GET AWAY FROM ME YOU MONSTER".
At they's sudden words draco dropped to the floor his hands in his face and started to cry. "DON'T SPEAK TO YOUR DAD LIKE THAT" Harry roared but by far Scorpius's scream was far louder and more violent. " WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME?DONT TALK TO HIM LIKE THAT?HE JUST MADE MY LOVE-I MEAN MY BROTHER JUMP OUT OF A FUCKING MANSION WINDOW JUST TO WHAT? STOP YOU TWO FROM BEATING ME AND HIM HE PROTECTED ME WITH ALL HIS MIGHT AND YOU TWO JUST MADE HIM DO SUCH A THING" his screams were so loud that people started to flood into the scene " and you t-t-thought w- we could of been a f-family" scorpius slowly went over to James and pulled him in close. Tears started flooding his eyes making the cold figure blurred. Once an ambulance came scorpius had to be ripped of so violently that he tore some of James's clothes from how tight he was gripping on and once they got him of he was viciously swinging his arms throwing punches at anyone he could reach until no one had the confidence to go up him a doctor darted towards his forcing a needle into scorpius's back making him fall into an unwanted sleep.


Hope you guys have enjoyed me second "good" story I am going to write tomorrow or maybe even tonight? Thank you very much for reading I will update as soon as possible xx Everlyn

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