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After Mia had the worst argument with her mother, midnight came and she left the house into the cold. Mia walked up the streets for hours until the crack of dawn. She stumbled upon the realities with the outside world. With old wrinkly trees lingering over her watching her moves through the forest. Every step her feet were to make, Mia was identifying muddy sloppy grass, almost like a pigs' home. The breeze was strong, it was a windy day, Mia felt her hair swiftly move across her face as a strand of it landed in her eye.

There was a wooden cabin at the end of a long trail. The cabin from the outside had nothing to it really, it was quite bland and empty. Mia went up to this dark inky cabin and knocked on the door only to see it swing open. She slowly walked inside the cabin and felt the cold breeze brush against her shoulder as the door oscillated closed.

Bird cries could be heard from inside the building as bats flew down the creaky flight of stairs. Mia strolled up to the flight of stairs only to see three doors. The first door was labelled but half of it had fallen off and couldn't be seen anywhere, so she carelessly entered the first room holding her breath. It was...

A BATHROOM. Mia gasped for breath after she had entered and was also remotely pleased that there was nothing freaky behind the door she was silently praying thankfully with a little smirk on her face, only to be seen were a rusting sink, a toilet that seems to not to have been flushed for at least thirty years, and a bathtub full of moss. Mia left delightedly and shut the door tightly behind her.

Two more doors were left; the second one was on the right to the first one but the last one was at the end of the corridor. The next-door we were to approach was covered in vines as if behind the door was a jungle. She was anxious and you could see it in her face, her eyes squinting, sweat couldn't be told from tears.

Somehow a rich girl ends up having a pocket knife in her pocket! It wasn't the easiest as the pocket knife was half the size of a normal knife but Mia didn't know where the kitchen was and was too scared to hold a big knife, she might cut herself! Mia adapted to the size and cut through the vines quite fast only to reveal the backyard door...UPSTAIRS!? When she looked down she saw a patch of blood in the grass and rapidly backed up.

She sped up as she was getting closer to the last door. When Mia reached the door it was not touched completely clean, fit for a queen. Mia opened the door to see paradise! Not as good as her mansion but it was decent for a dirty place like this.

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