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@jungle_book: H O T

@Taesty: your still not answering my question

@jungle_book: come on tae don't read between the cracks

@Taesty: where did the new nick name come from ;)

@jungle_book: OoOoOoOoOhhh do you like ittttt *wInk wOnk*

@Taesty: *nervously laughs* hahaha no

@jungle_book: welp ok

@Taesty: nononono call me thatttt

@jungle_book: okey dokey

@Taesty: ewwwww you still say that

@jungle_book: yeah have a problem

@Taesty: no, not at all

Omg my phone stopped working and i have to use my moms old phone. Anyway i haven't updated in a while so i thought to update

-yo bitch

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