The Drunk Princess

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Meliodas' POV:

I gave Elizabeth some ale just to see what she was like drunk. My first thought, tonight is going to be an interesting one.

"Meliodas~... come play with me please~" she said with a hint of lust lacing every word. I looked behind me to see Elizabeth playing with her hair, biting her lower lip. Why does she have to look so damn sexy?!

"Elizabeth, you're drunk.." I sighed. She walked towards me then wrapped her arms around my neck, sitting on my lap. I blushed a bit by how blunt she was with me, I will say it was a bit of a turn on.

She bit her lip and looked at me with her diamond blue eyes. "Does that make me a bad girl~?" she pouted. I was holding myself back as best as I could which only made me want to take her more.

"N-no... I'm just saying that you probably don't want to do anything you don't want to" I explained.

"But I'm doing what I want to do~... I want you~." Her voice was like poison, destroying my will to control myself slowly. Sooner or later I knew I was destroy every last piece of this woman's innocents.

You know what.. fuck it

I picked Elizabeth up, bridal style and walked into our shared room. I locked the door behind me and through Elizabeth onto the bed ruthlessly. I pinned her down onto the bed and stared down at her as if she was a blank canvas for me to paint. I smirked at her devilishly and started at her neck, kissing it roughly making sure to leave dark red bruises all over.

She leaned forward and nipped at my ear, "M-meliodas..." She sounded almost frustrated, I smirked at the thought. I wonder how long it'll take before she starts begging. I slowly moved downward, stripping Elizabeth almost ripping her crop top off of her. I looked up at her as she started pouting, rubbing her legs together impatiently.

I pushed her up against the wall, smirking at all the dirty thoughts in my head. "Now now princess~ We have all night to play~"


Might continue off of this, I don't know

Sorry if the one shots are kinda short, I don't write much

Also give me ideas, I'm not that creative

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