New Family

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I was pacing back and forth, unable to stop myself from worrying. The sins were all there, telling me to calm down. I just couldn't, my girl was in there and she was in so much pain. I still couldn't believe that Merlin kicked me out, why wasn't I able to be at her side at a time like this? I suddenly heard a cry coming from the room. I rushed over so I could be at her side, but when I touched the door I was shocked by magic. "Dammit, she used perfect cube," I groaned from the pain.

I waited a few seconds and Merlin walked through the door, "Go on Captain, she's waiting for you." I nodded and ran to Elizabeth's side as she smiled softly.

"Meliodas..," I gave Elizabeth a soft kiss on the lips as she kissed. She let her lips linger then parted, looking down at what she was holding. She smiled lovingly at the child she had just brought into the world. It was our child, our daughter. I sat next to Elizabeth on the bed as leaned her head on my shoulder.

"Welcome to the family, little one," I said smiling, rubbing our daughter's cheek ever so gently. She opened her eyes to reveal two blue ones, blue as her mother's. She yawned and closed her eyes once more, "she's just like her mom." Elizabeth giggled and handed her over to me. I held her close and I could've sworn I saw a little smile spread across her face.

"I love you," I look at Elizabeth and smile. I held her close and kissed her gently, letting my lips linger there as she kissed back.

"I love you too." She smiled and moved closer, "I love you too, little one." Elizabeth giggled a bit as held them both as close as I could, "I promise you two that I will protect my new family, no matter what."


Sorry it's so short

Also sorry for not writing much on here

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~ Mudori

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