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U/n: hello? Y/n? You still haven't told me what movie we're watching.

You chuckled looking down at the phone, pulled the popcorn out of the microwave. Dumping it into a bowl, you wiped your fingers off on your pants before you turned leaning your hip against the counter.

You: well I checked three out. They are older movies.

You shoved the phone in your pocket, grabbing the bowl and your glass of wine. You made your way back to you living room, setting the items on the coffee table.

U/n: okay, but that doesn't help me.
You: okay so I rented Scream, cause it's one of my favorites. The Covenant, cause I haven't seen yet, and Halloween, the original cause it's simply the best.
U/n: I would go with Scream or Halloween then. Covenant isn't that great a movie.
You: why isn't it? The bio about it sounded enticing, and it has the guy who plays Bucky in it.
U/n: oh, your not one of his fans are you? ;)
You: maybe. ;)
U/n: hmmm

You decided what the heck, Covenant could wait a bit. You hadn't seen Scream in over a year. You placed the DVD in and returned to the couch, tucking your feet under you getting cozy as you pulled the throw off the back of the couch.

You: did you die?

You got no response, you hit play feeling a bit dejected. You had no reason to feel that way, after all you weren't being completely honest with guy. Still though, you couldn't help that feeling.
It was a half hour after you had sent the text when your phone went off, startling you.

U/n: no, I didn't die. Chris stopped by, actually he is still here and won't leave. Lol.
You: uninvited guests. Sounds like time for a sacrifice to the dark lords.
U/n: I would but I kinda need the guy, we work together and I do enjoy his company.
You: well then, I guess your stuck with him.
U/n: so I do have a question for you.
You: shoot.
U/n: were you planning on telling me that this was wrong number?

Your heart sank, you paused the movie, looking at the phone. You tried to think of a way to explain your actions. Typing out different response but deleting them each time.

You: yes.
U/n: awful lot of typing for one word.
You: I was, honestly. And then you kept responding, so... I'm sorry.

You waited for him to respond, and then dropped your phone in your lap. You pressed play on the movie. Though now you couldn't focus, the masked person was killing someone else and you were more upset that he had found out.
After the movie was over you put on the Covenant, and settled back down.

U/n: you're forgiven. But be honest from now on. Got it?

You stared at you phone, blinking hard a couple of times. You picked it, confused that he even replied.

You: so does that mean we're still text buddies?
U/n: uh, yeah, who else am I going to talk ritual sacrifice with?
You: I thought maybe Chris, but cool.
U/n: nope he's more into the lighter stuff, demon summoning that kind of thing. So which movie are we on?
You: the Covenant.
U/n: seriously? I told you that was a bad movie.
You: don't care, Seb's in it.

You chuckle to yourself, this poor guy.

U/n: so it went from that guy who plays Bucky to Seb? That was quick.
You: yeah cause now I don't have to pretend to be a chick that gave you a wrong number. Lol.
U/n: very true, so does that mean I'm going to have to hear about your celebrity crushes?
You: maybe. Depends.
U/n: depends on what?
You: which movie I'm watching, if someone insults one of the many fandoms I'm in. That kind of thing.

This had to have been one of the most craziest things you've done. It was kind of freeing in a sense, just texting someone who knew nothing about you. And the other way around, maybe this could be a good thing. Someone to give you an outside point of view, someone who wasn't going to tell you what they knew you want to hear.

U/n: I'm in trouble aren't I?
You: you know it buddy. Worse part is you didn't have to text me back after you realized this was a wrong number.
You: now you're stuck with me. Mawahaha.
U/n: crap, can I take it back?
You: no take backs!
U/n: alright, lay it on me. What did I get myself into?

You let out a dark chuckle, and pondered a bit.

You: I can't decided if I want let all my crazy out now or just let it seap out.
U/n: so I'll go with what I know. Sebastian Stan fan, which probably means you like marvel.
You: don't you know it baby. Love me some marvel.
U/n: lol. Alright, you like ritual sacrifices, which explains the horror movies. Your friends are boring.
You: hey now, who says they're boring?
U/n: you got in trouble for texting a random stranger while with them. They are boring.
You: okay, point taken. But they aren't always boring, they just got a lot of stuff going on. All of them have kids and husbands.
U/n: guessing you don't.
You: nope, forever alone my friend.
U/n: you and me both.

And that's how this peculiar friendship started with Bas. The two of you would text on and off, it was easy to vent to him the struggles going on in your life, and he would return the favor. You even braved yourself enough to send him a link from one of your never ending stack of novels you were too scared to send off to print.
Bas would alway encourage you and give you the feed back that you needed to hear, no matter how much it hurt. After a couple months you couldn't imagine not hearing your mystery friend.
It was late one night, while soaking in the tub, writing to your hearts content when you got a drunk text from him. It was first for him.

Bas: yo yo yo, how you doin'?
You: uh, good? Am I talking to Bas or Bassy Bas Bas the 90's failed rapper trying to relive his one hit wonder?
Bas: y/n, you're killing me girl.
You: no, I don't have that scheduled till Sunday two weeks from now.
Bas: oh, I thoght that's was sat.
You: uh, no.
Bas: so what do you look like?

You kinda cocked your head back, that was a first. It seemed an unwritten rule that you the two of you never talked about what you looked like. You pondered for a moment on how to respond.

You: depends what do you want me to look like.
Bas: no, I want 2 know what u lok like.
You: Bas, have you been drinking?
Bas: still am. Hanging out with a couple of guys from work.
You: then shouldn't you be paying attention to them and not me?
Bas: nah, man, they flirting with the same chick.
You: which friends?

You knew most of his friends just by the things he had told you. They all seemed like great guys, a couple of them fairly flirty from the sound of it.

Bas: Chris, and Anthony
You: poor girls got it coming to her then. My bet is Anthony will come on to strong and Chris will end up with her number.
Bas: back to, what do u look like?

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