Meeting Twice

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Your PoV

After I got the information in where my classroom will be at, I started heading there and I heard someone screamed and I rushed over there.

I knocked on the door and came in, "Hello?"

I saw two girls sitting on their desks and they stared at was Sana and Chaeyoung

"What are you doing here Leehun oppa?" Chaeyoung asked while showing her dimples, that's cute 

"I heard someone screamed from the hallway and I rushed here" I said and noticing that Sana and Chaeyoung was glaring at each other "Oh and uh, don't call me Leehun, call me Jay" I smiled 

--Class starts--

Before the class st arts, I took myself to an empty seat and starts to read a book called Missing U. It is a nice book and I noticed that a group of girls surrounded Chaeyoung and Sana. They were all so really pretty. I noticed that Sana was pointing at me and I focus back on my book and before I know it, Sana was approaching me

"Hey Jay, what you reading?" Sana sat on the chair in front of me and I noticed the other girls she was with came along

"I am reading Missing U, who are these girls?" I asked

"These are my friends, let me introduce you to them. The one with the bunny teeth is Im Nayeon" she pointed

"Annyeonghaseyo" the girl with the bunny teeth waved and I nodded

"The girl that looks like Thomas the Train is Park Jihyo" she pointed to the girl and wow...she looks like Thomas with the eyes...I laughed a bit and she noticed

"Yah! I don't look like Thomas Sana!" she hit Sana's arm

"The one with the short hair is Yoo Jeongyeon" I nodded and said "Annyeonghaseyo"

"Annyeonghaseyo" she said back

"This girl beside me is Myoui Mina, the elegant black swan" Sana grinned and the girl bowed and I bowed my head

"The girl with the Yoda ears here, is our savage, evil maknae from Taiwan, Chou Tzuyu" she pointed to the girl and she said, "Annyeonghaseyo oppa" I smiled and said, "Nice to meet you all"

"We are missing two people today, I think they might be late. But together, as 9 people, we are Twice" Sana said

The teacher came in and greeted us all and we took our respective seats...

"Ah, I see we have a new student with us in JYP Academy, welcome, introduce yourself" the teacher said

I stood up and said, "Annyeonghaseyo seonsaengnim wa hagsaeng, Park Leehun ibnida. Please take care of me" I smiled showing my dimples and sit back down

--Lunch Time--

Sana's PoV

Finally it is lunch time, I am so hungry. I am like TT since I wasn't able to eat breakfast. I told Jihyo and the others to head to the canteen to reserve some tables. I approach Jay and asked

"Hey Jay, let's go to the canteen" 

"Sure Sana, I am really hungry right now" he said while smiling showing his dimples. He is so cute and nice.

As we were walking to the canteen, me and Jay bumped into my ex, Jackson. He and his crew, Got7, (A/N: Not a GOT7 hater but I am sorry) approached us.

"Hey Sana, how are you? Haven't seen you in a while" he said while approaching, with my instincts, I hid behind Jay

"Who are these guys?" Jay whispered, "We'll be going boys, don't start any trouble. You don't know how you are messing with" and like that, Jay took my hand and we head to the canteen and find our table with Jihyo and the others. 

"Hey guys, we have been waiting. You both didn't do anything...weird right?" Tzuyu asked and I hit her head

"Yah Yoda, it isn't like that. We bumped into Jackson" when I said that, Jeongyeon spits her drink

"THAT ASSHOLE? THE ONE WHO HURTS YOUR HEART?" I glared at Jeongyeon as almost everyone is looking at her and Jay was confused 

"Let's just eat lunch, can we?" Jay asked with a soft voice

"Sure, let's go"

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