The Quirk

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The neighbours noticed the fire before Inko did, asleep as she was. It doesn't take long for her to wake up and smell the burning, the heat, the smoke. Something is wrong.

In a flurry she gets to her feet and rushes to the bedroom door reaching for the handle only to jump back after burning her fingers on the heated metal. She pulls the sleeve of her night clothes over her hand and tries again. This time as she opens the door a flood of smoke bellows in accompanied by the light and heat of the crackling fire that burns in her home.

She's terrified. And she can hardly breath.

"Hisashi? Izuku?" She tries to call through coughs covering her mouth. She can't hear much over the crackling and snaps of the roaring fire attempting to engulf her home. She hopes they're okay.

In time the fire brigade and hero's arrived, from a neighbours call, and rescued the two green haired Midoriya's from their burning house. Inko being the better off, only suffering from mild smoke inhalation.

Izuku, on the other hand, had to be rushed to the hospital, suffering from burns. Most of which were fortunately minor and would heal leaving next to no visible traces apart from a rather nasty scar on the right side of his neck and lower jaw.

This, however, isn't the only change. On the first day, a quirk specialist had quickly been called in once the changes were noticed by a nurse, who was to periodically check the room. The small boys freckles had begun to harden and become varied shades of green, representing a more scale like quality. The next physical change to be seen was his hair. It had begun to thicken shift and clump together. No one was sure what this meant until one person attempting to collect a sample lock was almost bitten by a snake hissing, that lashed out of the birds nest hair cut. Soon after the rest of the hair followed suit and had changed too going from a birds nest to a wriggling, hissing snakes nest. Hissing and snapping at any and all that approached, aside from Inko of which they seemed to make sounds of approval towards, recognising she wasn't a threat.

On the second day, the father and confirmed starter of the fire on the Midoriya house hold was apprehended. When asked why he'd done what he did he was reported to say he had to 'get rid of that monster, that monster was going kill him and he needed to kill it first.' The poor man was hysterical. Although, the fossilised state of his fingers and hands did set off warning bells.

Due to the physical developments and the unfortunate condition of the elder Midoriya, the quirk specialist diagnosed the young boys quirk as a Gorgon like. Referring to old mythos, as its the first time they'd come across a quirk with all these qualities. It set people on edge to say the least.

After three days of rest the young Midoriya did, finally, wake up. His eyes fluttering open to show a green film over them, as if there were a second set of eyelids, the whites of his eyes a vivid green and the pupils darker. He felt more comfortable in his skin than he had before, but so cold. The thin hospital blanket not doing much to warm him. Groggily pulling him self up to sit he noted the bandages littering his body hazily and the sound of occasional hissing and a comfortable weight on his head. His mother was sat in a stiff looking chair next to his bed in an unfamiliar room. She looked tired, he'd leave here to rest for longer. He's still cold and the radiator across the room looks so inviting, he can feel how warm it would be by just looking at it, so inviting.

"Izuku, honey! You're awake! oh I'm so glad!" and he's snapped out of his trance just like that by his mother encasing him in a gentle hug mindful of injuries. Izuku hugs back, instantly feeling so much warmer,radiator now forgotten, wrapped up in his mothers comforting embrace.

"Mommy, where are we? where's dad?" the Innocent questions were met by sad tear filled look from his mother as she gripped his shoulders to get look at her sons condition before their eyes met and she froze. "Mama?" the young boy reaches up to poke her face. "M-Mommy?!" tears are building up in his eyes as he reaches forwards to hug his mother again. The warmth missing this time, as the gesture was not returned.

Loud cries attracted the staff of the hospital, who immediately tried to calm Izuku. Unsuccessful, eventually having to call in a nurse with a sedating quirk to gain control of the situation. Inko was rushed off to be checked over whilst the remaining in the room attended to the no unconscious snake haired boy.



I drew you guys some quick art ;0

This is just how I'm drawing him feel free to interpret him however you like UwU

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This is just how I'm drawing him feel free to interpret him however you like UwU

She's fine?

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