Warm Hands

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Thankfully Midoriya Inko had been fine. She had began gaining control over her limbs again a few minutes after they had rushed her out. Izuku was very shaken by the events but the reassurance combined with his young comprehension of situations made it easy to calm him down. Specialist had then soon run a few tests and analysed the results of the young boys quirks and documenting the effects.

"It seems as though your son has a quirk similar to a gorgon, a mythology creature from Greece" a doctor had explained to the now able bodied mother and her excited son that, although not entirely understanding, was excited to learn about his awesome quirk! He can't wait to show Kacchan!

"His eyes can change anything he makes eye contact with into stone a varying rates, though he's not much control of it, he also has a second pair of thin eyelids that act as a buffer to this creating a temporary paralysis to the effected" the doctor goes on making gestures to his notes then toward the goggles secured to Izuku's face. "Hence this precaution we've found that so long as there is some form of buffer between eye contact this part of his quirk is ineffective. As for the hair..."

The snakes that now make up Deku's locks his in interest and warning at their mention by the doctor. "We're not entirely sure what species they are but they are most similar to boomslangs in regards to physical construction, his and their venom on the other hand is more deadly. So we've made some anti venom that he is to keep on his person at all times in case of an accident" he passed a small plastic bag over to his mother containing small jars of amber liquid and injection needles for administration.

"We can only hypothesise that it'll get stronger as he grows so suggest you come in once every other month for a check up and fresh anti venom." Inko nods in response, petting at one her sons many snakes getting a content hiss in return.

"One last thing with the new apparent reptilian changes your son will need some dietary changes, a guideline should be in the bag and he's more cold blooded so be sure to keep him warm" the doctor smiled making more strange arm gestures as the Midoriya's began to leave.

"Thank you very much Dr. Haruno I'll be sure to read though everything! Day good bye Izuku"Inko said lifting up her son, careful if new appendages, so he could use her body heat to keep warm.

"Not a problem Miss. Midoriya, don't worry about any extra expenses due to his quirk type he qualifies for quirk benefits so this service is paid for" the doctor happily exclaimed as he opened the door for them, as her arms were full of a little green snake. Cautiously passing the small boy a lollipops on his way out being mindful of the snakes he waved them down the hall.

As soon as they were out however Izuku was enthusiastically asking his mother about everything from the meeting, speech coming out a little cluttered with his new teeth and forked tongue having developed a lisp for the child. The meaning of words,  how awesome his quirk was and how he can definitely be a hero now!!

This meeting was two week ago and now Izuku was in his way to go back to school. Dark lensed goggles and anti venom stored inside his bag, bundled up to combat the cold winds. Holding tightly his mothers hand as she led him in to explain the recent happenings to his teachers and supply the school nurse with some anti venom just incase. Well he was holding his mothers hand until he spotted his best friend.

"hey Deku, where have you been!" the young blond yelled as he ran over to the two Midoriyas "whats with the funky goggles?' he questioned looking at them with interest until he registered his friends new appearance. Wriggling snake hair, green scaly cheeks and a nasty burn that ran down his left check to his neck. Bakugou then made the only possible connection his young mind could for this situation. He shouted.

"Hey you trying to look cooler than me or something nerd?" he didn't sound annoyed Izuku knew he wasn't no matter how convincing he was for other people. The snakes seemed to notice that  as well as they peaked interest at the explosive boy radiating heat, hissing gently.

"No way Kacchan, you're definitely the coolest!" explained the snake haired child as he let go of his mothers hand and went off to talk to his friend as she handled the schools staff. "This is just my quirk, thats what the goggles are for since i don't know how to turn that part off yet..." Deku mumbled on relaying what he understood of the quirk specialists meeting. 

Throughout this exchange, however Katsuki had engaged in a starting contest with one of Izuku's many snakes that had extended themselves towards him. Consequently when the greenet was distracted a hand had slowly risen up from the entranced blond who was now petting one of the many snakes that made pleased hissing sounds at the contact of the warm palms. The contentness spreading to izuku and the other snakes and they twisted towards the gentle hand and Izuku stopped speaking to hum contently himself as he leant into the touch.  

"Kacchan's quirk is so warm..." came a satisfied sigh from the gorgon quirk user earning a snicker from his companion. The warmth he was getting the only thing he was focused on, keeping his cold blooded body heated against the chill.

"haha, even if you look cooler now you're still a nerd" was said back through a joyful smirk as they sat down on the school steps and Bakugou began to use both of his hands to pet his friends hair because snakes were cool he'd be crazy not to, plus it made the smaller happy and thats what heres did! They made people happy and protected them!

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