Chapter 6- It was worth it.

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I looked at the boy who stood above me, I couldn't see his face where I was positioned but he seemed incredibly angry. He barely even flinched when I said his name, he just kept increasing the force on Bakugou's hand.
Haaa.. Why'd ya have to be so cool....

" It's enough. Really I'm fine Shoto" I then stood up and brushed off the dirt on me, then looking up at the boy standing over me protectively, with a grin,
" Little explosion head here just forgot to take his chill pill this morning and y'know anything will set off such a... would you say, childish misfit?"

Ohhhhh shit that was probably too much....


Fucking worth it though.

Before Shoto even had time to stop him, Bakugou was flying towards me,
Well I'm already in this deep, i thought to myself as I raised a hand and created a barrier of air.
Without realising what I had done, Bakugou literally dove into it, which sent his body flying back a few metres before crashing to the ground with a thud.

"Kacchan ?!"

"SHUT UP DEKU" Bakugou said as he stood up, " OR I'LL KILL YOU FIRST!"

The poor boy named Midoriya cowered as Bakugou lit an abundance of explosion from his hands.

"DIE!" Suddenly his fist was flying towards me again, but this time, it never reached. Aizawa - sensei had wrapped Bakugou up in his bandage like weapon and was erasing his quirk.

" No killing today .. Or I'll never get any sleep from the paperwork" Aizawa-sensei then picked up a restrained Bakugou and turned to the rest of the class

" I'll be back in five minutes until then you can all practice in the physical tests that are around.. This one" he nodded to Bakugou " can do them later.. That's all so get practicing I guess."

" I'm glad that's over with.. Hey Shoto, I'm sorry I got you involved in that mess" I looked back to the boy who was still standing protectively in front of me.

" No it's alright.. I'm actually sorry that I didn't see him coming.... And you're hurt aren't you ? From when he got you?" Shoto looked at me with his usual indifferent face but I could swear there was concern in his eyes.

"Oh, I'm alright.. More like I immediately felt better when you protected me, it kinda gave me a confidence boost as well and I did something stupid but I feel much better after doing it... So it's kinda like you just make everything better!"

When I expressed this to him I gave him the biggest smile I had hoping my words would make him happy ... But the hand that had grabbed mine was something I could never dreamt of happening.

" Why are you so... How is it you do that?"

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