I'm Baack :) Did you guys miss me?? Nahh of course yall didn't anyways Jada's Party about to be on and poppin' ( psshh who tf says that anymore? ) Idk Im uncool lol no I am a pretty cool person okay lemme shutup and get to the story

Roc- Okay is everyone ready?

All The Kids- Yeah

Jaylen- ayye , we bout to partaay!

Jaden- no were not we're about to go to grandma's

Mel- you guys sure are

Jaylen- ughh she over feeds us with love and cookies

Michelle- ( laughs ) I love Grandma leave her alone, plus you guys are too young to party anyways

Jada- yup!

Des- when does the party start

Kevin- 6

Des- okay,

Mel- okay I'm about to go drop the kids off, i'll be back come on Jaylen and Jaden

Jaden- ughh

[ Mel goes and drops them off, then comes back and the party starts at 6 but everyone started at 7, and thats when the party began! xP ]

Jada- ( goes up on stage ) Heey everyone , I hope you guys are here for my back to school party!

The Crowd- Yeaaah!

Jada- If not you guys can get tha fuck out, naah I'm just kidding but still I don't wanna see no wall flowers! I wanna see ass shakin , twerkin, and I want everyone to have fun we aint here to argue, so is everyone ready to start this party off right?!

The Crowd- Hell Yeaah!

Jada- Okay DJ go ahead

{ The DJ starts playin "Pop It" By YG and everyone gets all turnt up and issh, and Mel and Roc stayed at Roc's Mom's house }

Jada- ( looking around for Jj ) Ayye have yall seen JJ?

Nicole ( One of Jada's freinds )- He was just at the door

Jada- Okay thanks, mm go ahead girl I saw you twerkin on that boy

Nicole- ( laughs ) Shush!

Jada- ( walks over to the door )

Jj- ( taps her shoulder ) Lookin for me

Jada- ( turns around ) Heey Baee ( hugs him ) come on lets dance!

Jj- alright then

- Upstairs with Des -

Des's P.O.V

Theres realy no point to go downstairs I mean seeing everyone have fun is just gonna make me sad because I hate to say it but I miss Langston, you know what Fuck it Im goin downstairs and I am gonna have a good time..I walked downstairs and saw everyone havin a good time I glanced at the door and saw Langston with a group of his friends so I ran back upstairs

Des- Fuck! Damn what Am I gonna do? Okay calm down Des, just put on something cute and go downstairs


Andrew ( Langston's friend ) Soooo are you gonna do it?

Langston- Do what

Andrew- what we told you to do

 Cameron- If you wanna roll with us you gotta do it

Langston- what did you want me to do?

Cameron- Rape yo girl

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