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The loud beats of some annoying techno song echoed through the loudspeakers, making more than one's head ache. At least the floor wasn't sticky and full of spilt beverages... Plus, the jazzy, colored lights and the absence of smoke since it had been banned made it easier to observe people. Yet it was also a way to be rather exposed, as well as a magnet for womanizers.

"Ugh! I swear if another moron hits on me, I'm leaving this place" Kimberly Page commented in disgust "I don't even know why we've come here."

"We've been dragging Angela to the gay bars with us for ages; now it's time she got some, too"

"But it's so annoying! Themusic is crappy, it's full of idiots and there honestly isn't a guy who seemshalf decent."

Terhi shrugged, brushing away from her face the rebel strands of black hair that had escaped her perfect bun.

"Decent and guy don't belong in the same phrase in my books. That's why I don't date them."

Seeing her friends' enthusiasm, the third member of the group, Angela, rolled her eyes. How ironic, she thought, that being the only straight girl amongst them she was the one who got noticed the least by men, while she often got hit on by women. Maybe it was a sign that she should change her mind. That thought gave her creeps (5). She needed a drink urgently.

"I'm gonna go to the bar" she announced.

Kimberly and Terhi exchanged a look, considering the suggestion. It didn't sound like a bad idea. If everything else failed, they could always get drunk.

The place was relatively empty for the time. While the other two ordered their drinks, Terhi looked around, observing the crowd. Nothing appetizing. Few girls, and they were all far too girly for her taste. Not to mention that most were in company of men. Ugh! She had decided to return her friend the favor; even so, the temptation to escape to The Rainbow Garden was growing each minute.

But no – she was a woman of her word and would fulfill her promise. After all, the main aim of going out was to have a ball with friends, not to find a foreign bed to spend the night in. Besides, she could have that whenever she wanted. What she liked about American girls was that they were rather forward – and needed far less alcohol to loosen up than their Finnish counterparts, which made it cheaper.

As she took a sip of her gin tonic, she glanced at Angela, who was already guzzling her third tequila shot, out of the corner of her eye. That girl was sure determined to get wasted on that night. Meanwhile, boredom was written all over Kim's face.

"Hey, cheer up" she said to her "We can just... dance and drink"

"The drinking part is alright – but I can't dance to this crap" Kimberly replied.

"Who cares? It's just a distraction, which is exactly what we need"

Kim narrowed her eyes.

"I think I'm just gonna follow Angela's steps and keep drinking" she turned back to the bar.

But Terhi wasn't ready to give up. The idea of dealing with two drunken women for the whole night didn't quite appeal to her. She needed to find an alternative to Kimberly's neuronal stabbing. And the distraction she was looking for materialized. Quite a piece of eye-candy walked in. Long, dark hair. Rather tall. Skinny jeans and a loose, knee-long shirt. A certain hippie-esque vibe. Big eyes. And even better – quite a nice pair. Not even the loose shirt could hide them completely. Not bad at all.

"Kim!" Terhi nudged her "Check that out!"

The blonde turned and followed Terhi's gaze. She knew what she was talking about right away.

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