Chapter 2 | Mommy's love

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Isabella couldn't believe it. Was this a dream? Is this the reality she was born into? It can't be real, it just can't be. But it was real. So real like the blood in her veins.
There he stood, in front of the Ice Cream refrigerator and looking through the different varieties. A Wonder Women Action Figurine in his left hand and with his right hand, he picked out the Ice Cream. Half of them were Chocolate flavoured though.
She smiled at the sight of him; (H/C) soft looking Doll hair, (E/C) eyes filled with endless wonder and (S/C) skin tone. He was small and his body had a good fullness. But not for long.
He paid for the Ice Cream and walked with the bag outside. It was her only chance, now or never. Her baby boy will be with her again. Forever.
«Mommy finally found you! It's time to go home.» her voice was soft and calm as she spoke and when her Boy turned around, he had confusion all written over his face.
«I'm sorry Miss, but I think you Mistook me with someone else.» She frowned at his answer, he couldn't remember her? His own Mother? The person who granted him life? This was almost a Sin.
Isabella clicked her tongue, «Normally I would have to punish you for such disobedience and you know that. But I see. The held you captive for so long, you developed Stockholm Syndrome dear. But now I'm here, I finally found you. I won't let it happen again, I will keep you save. Sweetie.» her voice shook with excitement as she hugged her son to her chest.
[Name] understood nothing of what she talked about nor understood he, why he was being hugged by her. A Stranger.

He struggled against her hold, he wanted back home to his Daddy and his Brothers. The strange Women is scaring him, making him uncomfortable. He asked her to let him go, but she ignored him every time he asked again. Tears filled his eyes and he choked out a sob.
«Aww, your crying because you remember me again, don't you? - Hey! would you stop it. Stop it right now young men.» but her commands were ignored by her Son. The small boy was scratching, biting and kicking her. Trying to flee her hug, but she wouldn't let it happen again.
Isabella picked him up, still having a tight grip against him. She fished a syringe, filled with sedative, out of her Coat pocked. Injected the full dose near his neck and waited a minutes, till her Son was going limp in her arms.
«Everything will be alright. Mommy is here, Mommy will keep you safe. Mommy loves you so much and Daddy will be delighted to finally have you again.» She chuckled a bit and walked towards her Car, not bothering to pick the Ice Cream up at all.

» She chuckled a bit and walked towards her Car, not bothering to pick the Ice Cream up at all

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Bruce inhaled the freshly night air as he stepped out of his Car. Today had felt unnecessary long and tiring. Leaving him exhausted and all what he wanted for the rest of the night was; a warm and relaxing Bath, a Glass Wine and a hot meal. But Bruce knew he couldn't do that today, he couldn't leave [Name] alone again.
They already missed more than one Family-Friday-Night and Bedtime stories and if they missed it again, he wasn't sure if [Name] forgave him or if Bruce could forgave himself for that. That's why he brought a whole packet of Donuts and some Chocolate milk for his youngest Child.
As Bruce opens the front door, he was meet with pure silence. Normally [Name] would be the first one who came running to him, wanting a Hug and telling Bruce about his day. But he didn't came.
Bruce loosened his Tie and placed his Suitcase down. Time to make dinner than, another night while having Fast-Food for dinner and he would probably die. Thats for sure.
When he walked into the Kitchen, Bruce was surprised to see, Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian sitting at the table. Looking lost and almost desperate, as if something terrible has happen.
«Did something Happen?», they looked startled when they heard Bruce's voice. Something is wrong. Terrible wrong.
«Uhh...uhmm.....Hi?» Dick stammered, couldn't say one proper word and that was the clue Bruce needed. «What happen?» is voice was firm as he asked, but the answer he got from Jason was enough to almost give him a Heart attack.
«[Name] is gone.» «Pardon?»

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