Dedication (3)

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“Hey it’s Mycah here…” My eyes flicked across the screen as I took in every little detail; from the way his hair was messed up in every direction, to the way he was twiddling with his lip ring. He smiled at the camera and then carried on speaking. “I just woke up from my beauty sleep as you can see from my epic bed head; you’d think a bird would have nested in it.” Running his hand through his raven bangs, he yawned and then grinned again towards the camera.

“So today is Monday, a day my school has gloriously decided to stay shut on so I decided to do one of the ideas that you gave me to do. This one is from a person I only just discovered the second that they sent this and you know what? They’re a pretty damn cool person.”

I looked over at a grinning Emery who just winked before pushing my head back towards the monitor, flicking me in the process. I found myself, once again holding my breath as he paused and began to do a drum roll on his shelf.

“So you want to know what this video is about. Well you have probably already seen the title, so it’s probably spoiled but… I shall be taking you guys out on an adventure of my life!” He winked at the camera and then the screen faded out then back in to him walking downstairs with the camera.

“I know you guys don’t want to see me doing the boring crap of eating, yawning and dressing, so let’s go…” His voice started to drag on in slow motion talking “three billion times faster!” Laughing one more time, the video sped up and in just thirty seconds, the screen had faded after he had closed the bedroom door to get changed. It soon came back to him in town with his friends. I felt my mouth drop as I saw a familiar place behind him.

“He lives here!?! What? Oh my god, Emery he’s from our city! How is someone like that from where we live? Please just pinch me and tell me I’m dreaming!” I screamed and paused the video before I began jumping up and down. Emery started to laugh at me and pinched my arm as I grabbed his shoulders, causing me to push away from him. “Why would you cause me that much pain?”

Laughing even harder, he wiped his eyes from any tears that formed and grinned at me. “Well you aren’t dreaming.” Glaring at him, I went to click play button on the screen but it froze up, refusing to work. Clicking it harder and many more times, I started to shake my laptop.

“Why won’t it work!? Work you crazy evil machine.” The screen went white for a couple of seconds before turning black altogether and the power button turned red before switching off. I screamed and glared daggers at it before closing it, sighing heavily. “Life hates me.” I muttered, pouting in Emery’s direction.

The next day I actually found myself walking into school with a smile. At about nine o’ clock last night, I had somehow restarted the laptop and watched the rest of Mycah’s video. His friends were equally as gorgeous as he was and they turned out to be even funnier, playing pranks or revealing secrets about him throughout the video, one being that he still slept with a lion teddy.

As lunch quickly approached, I had managed to avoid Nate when walking to lessons and at break but I knew that it wouldn’t last, he would always show up. The lunch bell rang and I rushed out of my History lesson, walking as fast as I could towards the cafeteria to grab something to calm the growling tummy of mine. Pushing open a door, I stumbled into the Sandwich queue and right into a cuddling couple.

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