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Sitting on a rock at the beach, I was looking forward as the sun was going down taking all the bright light with him and leaving behind the darkness but still creating a beautiful picture.

I stood up and started walking towards the water. I stopped as I felt the water by my feet.
I felt the waves touch my feet every 20 seconds!

It was soothing, relaxing and all those words, which tells you that my mind was calm.
My phone rang breaking the peaceful atmosphere. It was an alarm saying its 9 pm and I should head back to the house. I smiled looking at the phone, I know that one of my idiots did this stupid thing and my smile grew bigger when I saw a picture of three girls pop on my screen. One is me and the other two of my best friends or sisters you can say. We are the craziest people. Even this picture screams madness. One of them was making a "V" sign by her eyes, one was pouting to the extent that she looked like a duck and I was the one clicking the photo and my face looked as if I am so done with these two.
However, in reality, I love them with my whole heart.

My chain of thoughts broke as I saw one of these girls pop on my screen showing she was calling me. I picked up the call, took my sandals with another hand, and started heading back home, which is just a five-minute walk from the beach. All I heard was shouting of two girls from the other side of the phone. Shaking my head, I cut the call and started walking faster.

Oh, wait! The main thing. Hi, I am Muskan Jain. I am 26. I live in India but we actually came to Thailand to have a relaxing vacation from work. By "we", I mean my two best friends and me.

As I got closer to the house, a frown settled on my face as I saw media and some overhyped girls around the corner of the street of beach house I was living in. Ignoring them I made my way to my house, unlocked it when I found something weird. It was quiet and this made me worried sick because those two girls who were shouting in my ear 2 minutes back were all quiet which is rare.

I shouted out their name "Jainu? Sach?" and started walking towards the sitting room. "Oh, here you guys are. I was calling you out."

Oh, by the way, let me introduce you people to these two idiots. Well both of them have the same name, Isha, but one is Isha Jain and the other is Isha Sachdeva. Hence, Jainu and Sach. You know just to avoid any confusion. 

Back to present---

None of them responds but I am sure I saw them gulp.

"What did you guys do?" I said sitting in front of them. Suddenly both of them came and sat by my side and started blabbering from which I only got "It was unexpected", "We promise it was not intentional". I was starting to get frustrated when I saw him coming out of the washroom.

I do not know it just came as a reflex I stood up glaring at him. Anger and sadness both of the emotions making their way together in my mind. This is a mess. I turned around, my back towards him, not being able to look at him anymore without bursting out with angry tears. I tried controlling myself, grinding my teeth together and then look at my friends. It was an unreadable expression.

"What is he doing here?"

They spoke chance by chance. "We don't know to be honest."

"We just heard a lot of noise from outside so we went outside to see what was happening"

"It is when we saw him; he was mobbed by media and fans"

"We were about to go inside when he saw us"

"And the next thing we know is he was in here saving himself from the mob outside."

After finishing, they both looked down.

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