we know what you did tonight!

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(A/N this story is vioent and very bloody :) but enjoy) 

A beautiful summer rainbow appeared before them after the horrific winds and rain. "WOW" Sally gasped,she was the smart one,she had short red hair and hazel eyes."i know its gorgeous"smiled Ella standing beside Sally,Ella had long brown hair with bright green eyes.Standing beside Ella was Rachel ,Rachel was shy with medium strawberryblonde hair and blue eyes she was tall for a 16 year old and was bullied in primary school up till she was 14 but then she met her gang which had Sally,Ella,Shane,Nick,Eric and her in it.

Shane was hot and also very tall and muscular, he had green eyes and short spiky brown hair, for years he had a crush on Rachel but was to scared and nervous to tell her.Nick was also tall and muscular with blue eyes and blonde hair and had a crush on Sally,the rebel in the gang.But Eric he was different,he was tall and fit with black hair and golden eyes and was fit as anything and Rachel fancied him like mad and he liked her too.

As they walked to Sally's big truck which they all fit into Shane grabbed Rachel's wrist gently and said nervously "I have to tell you something... "she looked worried and whispered "Shane is everything ok? Are you hurt?" Shane laughed surprised that she cared and replied with a smirk "no,and I'm surprised you care...but I love you and have been in love with your for years" She was stunned,he loved her?she thought suddenly to big hands settled on her shoulder startling her and she looked up to see it was Nick,he was like a brother to her and cared about her.

He looked at them both frowning "is everything ok with you two? you seem nervous"they nodded suddenly it was pouring cats and dogs and the three of them ran to the truck and jumped in,Sally,Nick and Ella were in the front Nick was in the middleof them and Rachel was in the middle of Eric and Shane.She smiled to herself,she really liked Eric but didn't know if he liked her.

It was dark as they were driving home and suddenly someone was infront of the car,Sally tried to stop but hit him,Rachel,Sally and Ella screamed and Rachel was nearly thrown from her seat but Eric grabbed her and sat her on his knee,She blushed and he chuckled and turned to glance at Shane who was growling at him.

Suddenly something was hitting the window and the girls screamed again because hitting the window was a bloody hand and standing at the window was the person Sally just ran over. "OMG,we're going to die"cried Ella,Rachel rolled her eyes and said "stop being melodramatic" just as the door was opened standing there was the bloodied man his neck was broken and he was laughing evilly and said "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT!" Rachelcuddled more into Eric and Shane growled at him,unexpected the man grabbed Shane and yelled "hand over the girl and he goes free!" pointing to Rachel

"No!"shouted Shane and her friends, she looked at Shane, he was willing to give up his life for Rachel's ,Sighing with tears in her eyes she started to get off Eric's but was grabbed back by Eric,she turned to face him he kissed her passionitly she could taste love, guilt, anger and sadness,"NO,you cant have her she's mine! you stupid cuntt!" a male voice yelled.Rachel sat back stunned and looked at Shane who was furious,he whipped the knife from the man and stabbed him,throwing him into the river after burning him to ashes.Rachel was still staring at Shane but with hurt and confusion and shock,Shane grabbed Rachel from Eric and kissed her more feircfully while her other friends sat in the front stunned until Nick broke the silence "Wow Rachel two kisses in 10 minutes,can i get one...KIDDING"he said after getting growled at.Sally drove off as soon as everything had calmed down Sally drove them to her house as her parents were away for a month so they all stayed there for the night.

After Rachel and the girls got pajamas on,Claire was wearing a white thin strapped top and long blue bottoms.Ella was wearing a long sleeved pink top and pink shorts while Sally wore her usual black loose top and long red bottoms.They went into the living room and the boys were were jogger bottoms instead of jeans,Eric and Shane looked up when Rachel  walked in," hey Rach want to watch a movie with us all?"smiled Shane, "sure,how about "Don't mess with the Zohan" she replied and her friends nodded.

Rachel sat down beside Eric and Shane raced Ella to the space beside Rachel but Shane got it first.So the other three took the other couch and watched "Don't mess with the Zohan" halfway through an advert came on for a film called I Know what You did tonight.Rachel looked at Eric then Shane "Its just a coincidence right?...RIGHT?"she yelled the last word the boys nodded and Rachel fell asleep,when she woke up she was lying across Eric and Shane with her head in Shane's lap and feet on Eric,Shane was stroking her hair and looked down when she stirred "hey,sleepy head" he whispered motioning that the others were still asleep and he bent down to kiss her and she kissed him back.

Suddenly the door went,Shane went to get up,but Rachel grabbed him"Don't answer it,you don't know who it could be" she whispered fiercely but scared.So Shane woke up everyone else suddenly a weird evil,raspy voice called through the door "let us in,or we come in by force,CHILDREN!" the girls were terrified and shaking but Rachel stood at the door and looked into the peephole and jumoed back in horror."what is it Rach?!" demanded Ella.

"I don'tknow...Weird ugly,disfigured things with cutsand limbs missing holdingknivesandguns!"she gushed out and once before breaking unto hysterics.Suddenly the door was being banged in and the voice said again "we know what you did tonight,you ran over a man,sally and Shane you stabbed and burned him because he wanted Rachel.Well he was our friend so hand her over or you die!!" he laughed evilly before the door burst open.

Standing there were evil looking figures the exact description Rachel gave.They moved towards them and the girls moved back with the boys in front,suddenly the things charged Sally cried out as she was stabbed and then her head was cut off.Claire and the other girls screamed and the things laughed manically,Nick also criend out as her arm was cut off but he was silenced with a bullet to the head.

The girls were pushed upstairs by Shane and Eric,But before the boys were up they were shot and stabbed in the back "NOO!!" Rachel cried out as she watched them die,both mouthing "i love you" to her.As they were upstairs they barricaded the door with junk from the room,locked all the windows so nothing could get in.which obviously didn't work because the window smashed open and Rachel was grabbed from behind and the main thing's friends came up to the room and grabbed her friends.

they made Rachel watch them tie up her friends and cut them with the knives,cut off their fingers and toes as they bled to death and then cut off their heads.At the end Rachel was in hysterics and just wanted to die she whispered to the things"why me?, why doi get to stay alive?" they stared at her before replying"your one of us,princess Rachel!" She screamed and cried as they dragged her away from the bloody house containing her friends and the two boys who loved her as much as she loved them.

A/N - what did you think? i know it might be a bit bloody and violent but the last bit before they carry Rachel away and they tell her why she's alive

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