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(Doctor Rylan Pov)
Here I am with the love of my life by my side. I decided to have a private wedding so Vanessa wouldn't be as nervous and could enjoy my presence more. I knew she'd look ravishing in the dress I got her.

With my paycheck I was able to buy her real pearl earrings and a large chocker diamond necklace to match.
On one of the benches sat Greg as a witness. As much as I despise him being here, I needed him for backup in case anything happens.

The minister began to read from the vow book. Vanessa looked down with her veil over her face the whole time but I didn't care and I had so much excitement that I was going to be with my perfect angel that I almost didn't here the ending lines.

"And do you Dr. Rylan take Vanessa to be your beloved wife through illness and health and death do you part?"

"Yes!" I practically screamed in joy.

"You may remove the veil." The minister said which shook me a bit till I remembered I got a Catholic wedding. I took a cup and drank it and said my vows then the minister asked Vanessa if she wanted to marry me but she remained quiet.

"Vanessa honey?" I said trying to hide my frustration cupping her face so she could look at me. A few tears fell from her eyes.

"I-I don't know if I can do this!" Vanessa said shaking and crying harder alarming the minister. I gritted my teeth together in rage. There was no way all my hard work was going to waste. Greg stood up and suddenly the door bursted open alarming us all in the direction of no other than that bastard!
"Get your hands off my girl!" David roared charging towards the alter looking pissed.

(Vanessa Pov)

"Oh my God! David!" I gleamed happily about to run to David when Rylan grabbed my arm roughly pulling me back to him.

"L-Let me go!" I screamed frantically trying to get out of this psychopath grasp but it was no use since he was stronger. "I don't think so." Rylan hissed in my ear sending chills down my spine making me shiver. I looked to David with begging eyes.

"If you don't let go of her I'll calling the police or better yet I'll beat you up myself!" David said a few inches away from Rylan.

"Is that so" Rylan smiled clearly unaffected by David's threats.
"Greg it's time for plan B."
Greg smiled and pulled out a gun aiming at David.
"Oh my God noooo!!!" I cried the minister was standing with his mouth open in shock. Everything happened so fast before my eyes as the bullet went off and my cries were muffled as a cloth was pressed against my mouth making everything around me go dark but not before I  heard another shot go off.

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