Chapter Three;

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Veronica was now in Chelsea’s messy room. Clothes, garbage was everywhere. It barely gave anywhere to walk or stretch for that matter. Veronica looked at the walls to see photos of Calum, Chelsea, two other boys and Ashton. She smiled at Ashton’s smile in the picture. It was wide on his face, showing off the dimples he had on his cheeks. If only he would smile like that now. Her thoughts were interrupted by Chelsea. “Are you staring at your boy toy again?”

“Chelsea, he’s not my boy toy for heavens sake.” Veronica’s cheeks were red, which was starting to annoy her. Does she have to blush all the time when she even thinks of Ashton? Chelsea snickered and pushed her shoulder a little. Veronica just rolled her eyes and sighed. “Do you think he’s lonely?”

“Ashton? I guess. You can only go so long by yourself but at the same time, he does have a sister and his drum set.” Chelsea shrugged at it and walked away. Ashton played the drums? Veronica had a small smile just imagining him playing them. Does he still play since he got blind? There was so many questions to ask Ashton that he probably would never answer. “Okay, stop thinking about him and come on over for me to do your nails.”

“What colour?” Chelsea held up a red polish, and Veronica nodded. She hopped next to Chelsea on the queen sized bed. Sitting indian style, Veronica held out her hand for Chelsea. “Thank you for asking for me to come over. I would probably be re-reading one of my books that I’ve probably read a million times already.”

“Jesus, you’re a book worm, aren’t you? Anytime! I didn’t have many friends friends before you showed up. I legit hung around my brother and his friends all the time. I had no friends who are girls to hang out with. So, thank you for showing up.” Chelsea giggled as she painted Veronica’s nails slowly and precise. Veronica looked at Chelsea’s nails to see they were a light shade of blue, and the light was reflecting off them. Veronica sighed as she felt relaxed and didn’t have to worry about not making any friends, since she only needed Chelsea. She just hoped she doesn’t screw it up. “I think my shitface brother is interested in you. He wouldn’t shut up about you.”

“The hump machine?” Veronica giggled thinking about Calum being interested in her. He was cute, she admitted but would she date him? She doesn’t know. She never had a boyfriend before and she would be awkward. She hasn’t even had her first kiss! Chelsea sighed, nodding at her. “He’s interested in me? Are you sure you are correct?”

“Yup, he kept texting me asking what you liked, what’s your favourite flower. I wouldn’t be surprised if he showed up tomorrow with roses for you. Oh, yeah I told him that you liked roses because he cornered me. My brother is a pain, I feel bad for you.” Chelsea laughed as she finished painting Veronica’s right hand and started on the left, Veronica imagined going to school tomorrow and Calum showing up with roses for her. She would think it was cute that he would make such a grand gesture for her. “Just if you do get together, which I know it won’t since you’re so hung up on Ashton to do that, just don’t tell me, please? I don’t want to know him and your ‘adventures’ together. I cringe just thinking about my brother doing anything with anyone.Well, except Luke, that wouldn’t be surprising, to be honest.”

“Noted.” Veronica shook her head at Chelsea. She doubted that Calum or anyone would ever want to do anything with her anyways. She was awkward, shy and almost a loner. She wasn’t the cool kind that everybody wants. “For you information, I’m not hooked up on Ashton or anyone. Unless it’s Johnny Depp then yes but if not, no.”

“Oh, please. You are so into Ashton like a dog, i mean, Calum needing a leg to hump.” Chelsea didn’t believe a word that Veronica was saying. Even Veronica was doubting what she was saying now. Veronica asked why she kept bringing Calum humping everything in conversation. “I just have to, okay? I mean, people need to know this about Calum. Like, what would happen if I didn’t tell you and he just started to hump you and I knew about this? How would you feel if I didn’t tell you? Plus it’s just a twin thing.”

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