Chapter 21

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*a week later*

Hunter's P.O.V.

So tonight we are all going to a party at the o2l house. I decided to get my hair done today that way it will look good for the party. Mahogany came with me.

Hair dresser- "so how do you want your hair done?"

Me- "um.... I don't really know can you just surprise me"

Hair dresser- "okay I have some ideas"

She got out some hair dye and that made me kind of nervous because I like my hair color now but I guess I'll see how it turns out. She started painting the dye onto my hair, facing me away from the mirror so it would be a surprise when it's done. After a while of coloring, waiting, washing, cutting, drying, and straightening she finally finished. She turned me around to face the mirror. I looked and my eyes got wide. I love it. My hair is a dark brown color and comes just passed my breasts with a few long layers. I can't get over how great it looked.

Me- "I love it sooooo much!!"

Hair dresser- "good im glad you do!!"

Mahogany- "I love it too. You look so great!"

We payed and went back to the house where we both were getting ready. Hayes was in Carter's room so we could have the room to our selfs to get ready. I wore a white tank top/crop top, ripped high waisted denim shorts, a brown and white plaid flannel tied around my waist, and some stacked necklaces on (see pic here) When we were both ready we went down stairs to meet the boys. My eyes instantly went to hayes who was wearing a dark blue and black striped tank top, khaki shorts, and a black snapback. He looked at me too. He licked his lips looked me up and down then bit his bottom lip.

Me- "like what you see?"

Hayes- "maybe"

I look him up and down

Hayes- "like what you see?"

Me- "possibly.."

He pulls me in closer to him placing his hands on my hips. I look into his eyes. He brings his hand softly up to my face sending chills down my spine. He leans in close and I can feel his lips touch my ear.

Hayes- "we better get going" he whispers and walks to the van.

I was left standing there in awe then finally I went out to the van.

Taylor- "hey let's make a vine"

We all agreed and he started the vine.

Taylor- "when I say deez you say nuts!"

Taylor- "DEEZ"

Everyone- "NUTS"

Taylor- "DEEZ"

Everyone- "NUTS"

the vine ended and we all started laughing. By that time we were at the house. We walk in and hayes walks over to me and I hold his hand intertwining our fingers together and we go inside. Music is blasting throughout the house. Strobe lights and colored lights were flashing throughout. In the kitchen there was a lot of alcohol and people taking shots. Hayes and I start dancing. The song stand up by ludacris ft. Shawnna comes on. I looked in the crowd and see everyone grinding a twerking on eachother and I decided to go along with it. I stand in front of Hayes and he puts his hands on my waist. Our hips move in sync with eachothers and with the music. He looks down and bites his lip and i smirk and before I knew it the song was over. I saw carter coming up to me.

Carter- "aye hunter want to dance?"

I give hayes a look asking if it would be alright and he nodded. Carter and I disappeared into the crowd. The music was thumping and everyone was jumping to the music. After only two songs someone came up to carter and said they needed him. That was fine i guess I didn't have anyone to dance with so I went and sat down. I was watching people dance and nodding my head to the music when someone came up to me

-"hey I'm john"

He was tall, had dark brown hair that went into a small quiff, and he looked pretty muscular.

Me- "hey I'm hunter"

John- "so... hunter, what's a pretty girl like you doing here sitting alone?"

I blushed and we started talking for a little while. He seems really nice and funny. We get interrupted by a bunch if his friends calling him over to the kitchen.

- "you guys have to see this. He's about to take all shots without stopping!!!"

I watch as the guy takes all the shots and everyone yells 1....2.....3...4.... And so on. John goes up and takes a few.

John- "here have some"

Me- "umm... okay"

I take a few and john and I go out to the dance floor. Songs come on and everyone keeps jumping to the music. i can feel the buzz from the shots. The song wiggle by Jason derulo stuttered playing and john and I start grinding and twerking to the music. When the song ended I saw Cameron and ran over to him leaving john still dancing in the other room.

Me- "haaaayyyy Cameron"

Cam- "what's goin on"

Me- "nothin hehe"

Cam- "haha what's up with you and who were you just dancing with"

Me- "oh his name is john haha he's cool"

Cam- "oh Umm okay you seem different...are you drunk"

Me- "maaaaybee"

Cam- "I think you need to get home before you do anything else you'll regret"

Me- "please let me stay i dont need to go home.." i said with a pouty face

Cam- "haha yes you do.. I'll walk you home"


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