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After agreeing to work with L on the Kira case, Light tells his mother and Sayu that he is moving out to his own apartment so that they are left unaware of his involvement in the investigation.

{Light's point of view}

I've not been working here long but I can already sense that the whole team is grateful to have me here,  this is going perfect!  I take the elevator downstairs to where L is sitting infront of all his monitors, constantly assessing the current situation.  Everything seemed to be usual, as I was still writing names in my regular consistency,  until L was alerted by an emergency broadcast from 'Kira'... who was this imposter?!

It was obvious that another notebook had been dropped into the human world, and somebody had picked it up... but his killings were different... This 'kira' was able to kill without knowing the name of his victim...he'd made the Shinigami eye deal.

"It's not too late for you yaKnow" hissed Ryuk. 

I glared at him and this was enough to make him realise I would never give half my life to have the eyes of a Shinigami. 

After tracing the origin of the video i was able to work out the town this new Kira was living in..Now all I have to do is arrange a meeting.  I sent out my own broadcast,  alerting the world that the last message was from a fake Kira and that they are not to kill another without consulting me first.

It didn't take long for the fake Kira to post another response,  but this one wasn't like the first... This video including a secret message that only I could pick up on... This message was an invitation to meet eachother-I couldn't refuse.

~Light went to meet the fake Kira at a coffee shop in the town he had previously traced. They planned to touch each other's notebooks to reveal one anothers Shinigamis to confirm they both had Kira's power.~

"oh my God, Light! I can't believe you came! You know,  you're even cuter than I'd imagined you to be!  I'm so excited to meet you! I'm Misa Amane!"

Misa Amane? What does she mean 'excited to meet me'? How did she know my name? Is SHE the fake Kira?! I slowly pace my way towards the secluded table she'd chosen to sit on. I could see her death note clutched tightly to her chest. She must have seen me looking at it as she ushered it forward for me to touch...

"This is Rem"

I looked behind Misa to find a white, gothic, skeleton like Shinigami attached to her. I'd already torn a piece of paper from my notebook so  I could leave it safely behind whilst allowing my new acquaintance to see Ryuk. I brushed her hand with this scrap of the death note and she instantly looked intrigued by Ryuk.

"I'm Ryuk, you got any apples?"

Misa laughed,  I don't think she realises how serious Ryuk is about his apples. He's addicted. Literally.

After the meeting I took Misa back to my apartment,  outside of headquarters,  so we could discuss her actions. I spoke to her about being careful and working together so that I may use her eyes to find L's, Ryuga's,  Ryuzaki's real name. Misa was more than excited which pleased me. It meant Kira could continue to kill without having criminals names broadcasted.

"There's one condition" Misa pleas

"Sure what is it?"

"well...erm... you will have to be my boyfriend!"

I tried to get out of the commitment,  how could I have a relationship with her?! I've only just met her,  she's incapable of holding an intelligent conversation AND it would make the case easier for L to solve! There was no escaping it, so I agreed to being Misa's boyfriend as long as we kept it a secret. 
~About 3 days into their relationship,  L meets Light in the local park and asks him out for a coffee to catch up and discuss the Kira case as Light hasn't been back to work. As they agree which shop to venture to, Misa spots Light and can't help but want to express her admiration for him in public~
{L's point of view }


I watched as Misa Amane tackled Light and embraced him... he never mentioned he was dating a famous model. Light introduced me to her as Ryuzaki,  but Misa's face told me she knew that wasn't my name. Could she be the second Kira?  I studied her as she spoke with Light.  I tried to interrupt them several times so that I could drag Light to the café,  I've never fought for someone's attention before...

"Always I've got a photo shoot to go to so I'll call you later!" Misa hugs her boyfriend one more time and I watch their lips meet briefly. 

"Bye...Ryuzaki... it was nice meeting you!" she kissed me on the cheek and I could feel my face burning red as I watched her skip after her manager.

I lead Light to the coffee shop and among other information, I told him it was important to stay close to Misa as I thought she may have been the second Kira.  With the Kira case fully discussed we spoke to each other for the second time ever as friends,  not colleagues. I like this side of Light Yagami.

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