Chapter Eleven

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Here's an update there's an important note at the end



After Victoria left, I went upstairs to my bathroom to wash my mouth. I can't believe that Victoria was in love with me after all those years of our relationship. Then her words kept replaying in my head You will be mine, Kaylee. That sent shivers down my spine. What if she hurts Jason and I don't want that to happen. Laying down on my bed thinking, I drifted off and went to sleep. 


I was tied up on a chair, with duct tape around my mouth. I looked around me to see my surroundings and it looks like I'm in a abandoned house or warehouse. I tried to loosen the ropes around my wrist but they were really tight. Giving up, I heard a sound coming to my right and I saw a body hanging on the wall by chains. Looking real hard at the body, I realized it was Jason. I screamed his name but it came out muffled. The door opened reveling Linda and Victoria. 

"Hey baby, you're finally awake'' touching my face and I jerked my head away from her, but she grabbed my jaw and held it tightly between her fingers. Victoria pulled the tape off my mouth and rubbed my lips.

"Let's make a deal"  "LET ME GO B****" 

"A pretty mouth like yours shouldn't be using those dirty words" 

"Now back to the deal. You leave Jason and come to me and nothing will happen to him. If not, I will  still have you either way "

"Never" " oh well your decision doesn't count" 

"Linda, Jason is yours'' 

Linda giggled evily "It's nice doing business with you"

Victoria got a scissor and started to cut my clothes off. "Let's see this amazing body of yours" 

"NO GET  AWAY FROM" After a couple of minutes all my clothes were gone and she touched my body. 

She fondle my breast, and edged closer to my core. Then I stared screaming 


End of dream


"Kaylee wake up, its just a dream. I'm right here, mama is right here" mom whispered in my ear.

I cried and cried, until I coundn't anymore. That dream felt so real. I cuddled into my mom's crest as she rocked me back and forth. 

"Mom, what time is it"  "It's almost 8" 

I sat up and turned on my lamp.  "Do you want to talk about it sweetie" shaking my head no. "Ok I'm going to be in the kitchen to get your dinner, alright" "Ok" I said quietly

Moments later, mom came back with fried chicken, mixed veggies and mash potatoes with ice tea. As soon she put the tray of food on my lap, I started digging in.

"Calm down girl, the food isn't going anywhere" mama chuckled 

About 10 minutes later I was finished. I went downstairs to watch my plate before my mom says something about it. Going my room, I washed up and went back to sleep. 


This was short. 

I might put this story on hold because i have no more ideas. 

But if you guys really like or love this book 

Please comment some ideas that i can use 

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