2% of the world has true green eyes

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Ok so here is my theory of why I think only two percent of the people in the world have green eye.

You know that era when the people of a village would kill someone who was thought to be a witch?

Well my dear friend, being a witch didn't have to be an old scary women. Nope. Ha >:) Bet you, you didn't know that huh?

Anyways, back then, if you had green eyes, most likely, you were a witch. Green eyes were a trade mark for being a witch.

So everytime some one had green eyes.... the villagers would kill that person.

Therefore, after killing so many people with green eyes.... there is only 2% of the world with green eyes.

--------------------------------------------------What is you theory?

Have anything you want me to come up with a theory? Let me know. ;D



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