part 2

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Isacs POV.

I had to tell, that girl was amazing. She brought a cheesecake in our first practises. She sang like an angle and smiled the whole practises through! I think she really cares about this.

   And everytime when she didnt notice, i stared at her. I got lost in her face easily... too easily. But i would never be able of telling her that. Its not like i liked her. I mean of course i did, but not like that... Right?

Ellas POV.

I dont know. I loved being at the practises with Isac, i really did. I just felt uncomfortable with him. He was staring at me the whole time. He probably thought i didnt notice it, but of course i did.


"Ella, can i talk you for a minute?"

I stared at Isac.

"Yeah, sure."

I walked after Isac to another room. It was almost empty, but there was a beautiful white piano in the middle of the room. I walked closer and touched the piano carefully.

"Woah, this is gorgeus." i said and i smiled at Isac.

"I know right? Can i play you a song?" he asked suddenly. I blushed, not knowing why.

"Umm sure. What song?" i asked, staring at the ground.

"Its called A.n.g.e.l." he said and sit down. I did the same. He started playing  beautiful melodies, and then his voice filled the room.

"Ill take you to heaven, if youre going to hell, imma be your a.n.g.e.l."

When he stopped, the whole room was silent. No voice, we both stared at each other. I needed to remind myself how much i hated this boy. It was Isac freaking elliot. I didnt like him. I shook my head.

"That was.. amazing."

He smiled at me. I stood up, i knew he was waiting for me to do something.

"What?" i asked, feeling super uncomfortable him still staring at me.

"You are beautiful, did you know that?"

I laughed. I actually LAUGHED. So typical.

"Thank you." i said politely, even though i tried hard not to slap him.

"You seem tense." Isac said, standing up. He walked towards me, and i moved away automaticly.

"Oh. Yeah, im always a bit. I should go home now by the way." i said, and i walked to the door and opened it.

"Tomorrow is the first gig." i heard him reminding behind me. I smiled.

"I know."

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