Question 13

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Me and america - YO DUDES

Me - ok so america is gonna help out today cause he has no work so yeah say hi america

America - YO dudes what's up * eats burgers *

Me - can I have one America ? * puppy eyes *

America - sure bro * hands me a burger *

Me - YAY well let's get to the question it's for

America - FRANCE dude get in here

France - bonjour

Me - hey France you got a question

France - yes mon Cheri what's your question

Me - my cousins are French so somehow I have the accent why is that

France - on hon hon well your cousins are French so they speak French and it catches on to you I hope that answers your question

Me - YO Russia

Russia - hallo I know what to do * drags France outside *

Me - well that's that so yeah comment and America will give you a burger :)

America - WHAT

Me - * death glare *

America - I mean yeah of course I'll give you a burger * hands burger to the person who commented * * smiles *

Me and america - PEACE OFF ✌️

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