Question # 9

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Me - hi guys today's question is for the awesome Prussia

Prussia - the awesome me is here

Me - hey Prussia you got a question

Prussia - hello fellow awesome person and I will answer the question when you tell me what irpt is

Me - it says why are you so awesome

Prussia - kseksekseksekse finally someone besides you that thinks I am awesome well the answer is I don't know I was just born that way and you are not as awesome as me but you are awesome becuase you think that I am awesome anyways if you do not think I am awesome suck it loser

Me - * hits prussia * Prussia how many times do i have to tell you don't say that

Prussia - sorry the awesome me is leaving bye julie

Me - bye Prussia well guys if you don't think Prussia is awesome you suck I'm sorry but in my opinion he is awesome so bye love you all and oh yeah comment

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