Dare for me i guess

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Me - hi guys it's me and I have to take canada to the black butler characters and see what they think of him * calls canada*

Canada - yes hello

Me - * hugs Canada * hey canada we are going somewhere

Canada - okay

Me - * arrives at ciels mansion*

Sebastian - hello milady and who is this

Me - * tells sebastian the whole story *

Sebastian - oh I understand now um well I think your a very decent and quiet young man* smiles*

Canada - thank you may I come in ?

Sebastian - oh of course would you like some tea

Canada - no thank you

Me - well it's time for ciel to meet him * knocks on ciels study *

Ciel - come in Julie I know it's you

Me - hey ciel um I'm gonna show you someone and tell me what you think of them

Ciel - alright bring them In

Canada - * comes in shyly *

Ciel - hello

Canada - * waves *'

Me - hurry it up ciel

Ciel - well I think he's shy and quiet and I'm sorry to be rude but what in the world is with that damn curl

Me - he was born with it

Canada - * nods *

Ciel - oh ok well I'm sorry but you have to leave because I'm very busy it was nice meeting you mathew * lends hand for him to shake *

Canada - you too * shakes hand *

Me - bye ciel

* time skip brought to you by England and flying mint bunny *

Me - ok these are the last people

Canada - okay

Me - * knocks on trancy manor *

Alois - * opens up * Julie darling what a pleasure to see you * kisses my lips *

Me - * returns kiss * hey this is Mathew and he is from another anime

Alois - oh nice to meet you well come in

Me - wait alois come here Canada you go in ok alois I need you to react to him ok

Alois -'okay ❤️ because I love you

Me - aw well let's go in

Alois - well Mathew what i think of you I'm guessing you like polar bears becuase you have one right there um your shy and you don't speak much oh and I like your curl it's ... Interesting * laughs*

Me- * laughs * well alois go get claude

Claude - milady I'm right here

Me - react quickly

Claude - um well yours shy you don't talk much and you have nice hair and a weird curl just there

Me - thank you claude bye alois I'll be back later * kisses alois * let's go Matty * grabs him * ok guys that's it hope you liked their reaction * blows kiss *

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