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"999, what is your emergence?"

"There's been a horrible car crash right in front of us."

"And where are you, sir?"

"Chick-cross 3 street."

"We'll be right over".

Nikki's P.O.V. (pronounced like the sport brand, Nike.)

My head was thumping hard as I slowly opened my eyes. Flashing blue lights surrounded the car, creeping in through the thick dust and smoke that consumed me. As my sight returned, I slowly moved my head, taking in what I could make out. There, in front of me, were two unconscious body's, both belonging to my parents.

"M-mum? Dad?" I choked, trying to lean forwards to see wether they were alright. But I stopped moving suddenly, screaming out in pain as I clutched my right thigh. I looked down to see were the pain was coming from, my leg was crushed between the seat and the door.

"James, help me." I cried to my older brother, turning my head to look in his direction. Only to be faced with another unconscious body. "Help!" I cried louder, trying to release my leg by pulling, but it only made the pain worse. "Help!"

"It's ok, we'll get you out!" a voice called from above, before a power tool was used to cut the smashed up roof off of the car. "Stay calm."

Fireman slowly and carefully lifted out my parents and my brother before another one climbed into the car. He released my seatbelt, telling me his name was Michael then asking me what my name was.

"Nikki, like the sport brand." I hissed as another spark of pain ran up my leg.

"That's a very cool name, now let's get you out of here," he said calmly, sliding his arms under me and coursing my leg more pain.

I screamed in pain as it doubled in my leg. He then slowly slid his arms back out before looking at my leg. "I'm going to have to slide the chair forwards, ok? and I'm not going to lie, it will hurt but I promise you that you'll get out of here," he spoke softly to me before he lent over the drivers seat. "Take my hand, Nikki, and don't let go." I did as he said, taking his hand in mine. I quickly closed my eyes shut as the pain in my leg became unbearable as I felt the bone move inside. Soon after, I blacked out.

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